Under the auspices of 20th Century Studios, they are working on another reworking that will most likely not be related to the trilogy launched in 2011.

  • Wes Ball (The Maze) is at the forefront of the project
  • Most expect the first film of 68 to be adapted
  • In the 2000s, this will be the third Planet of the Apes remake

Wes Ball (The Maze) is writing and directing the next Planet of the Apes movie. It has not yet been officially confirmed by the studio, but it is speculated that I would like to re-adapt the history of the 1968 classic work. According to the Discussing Film, it has already been revealed that the director Daniel Dorrance will work with the set designer in the visual world of the production, with whom he has collaborated several times.

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The story of the world of anthropoids has been very popular in Hollywood for the past few decades. The first film version, made a classic in the 60s, is based on a novel by Pierre Boulle. This work was then followed by four more sequels with more or less success. Already in 2001, Tim Burton took up the subject to the point of a single work, and then in 2011 the latest processing arrived, which has expanded into a three-part trilogy in recent years, which is no wonder, as the studio pocketed huge sums of money at ticket offices. It is interesting that at that time Antal Nimród, the Hungarian director of Control and Predators, was even approached as the director of the latter franchise.

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