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Online Marketing Rockstars: The “Rock am Ring” of the marketing industry

Online Marketing Rockstars: The “Rock am Ring” of the marketing industry

These days the Online Marketing Rockstars are holding their legendary conference in Hamburg for the fifth time. Of the many series of events that there are now in the industry, this is the best, says Linda Gondorf, editor of the absatzwirtschaft. Because there is a bar on the stage here, there are real rock stars – and popcorn.

“Conferences” as you experience them in Germany are often dusty and rarely manage to leave a lasting impression on the visitor. The online marketing rock stars can do that. 2000 innovative marketers are coming together these days to witness this spectacle. But what makes this event so special? The very fact that you have to take a ship to travel to the conference is more than cool. On the drive to the Stage Theater in Hamburg, known for the “Lion King” musical, you will be instructed on how to register and where, for example, the press area is located. The building impresses with its size; the lectures take place in a hall for several thousand people – just like in a musical.

Who is the audience?

Stylish young people, women dressed up in high heels, hipsters with beards and horn-rimmed glasses and nerds with torn jeans make up the very young audience. Only a few suit wearers mingled with the guests, especially the speakers, like Pinterest founder Evan Sharp, wear jackets. Everyone can be as they want here. The clothes say nothing about how much experience and knowledge someone has in their luggage.

Enthusiastic speakers

But conferences always need high-quality input – and there is plenty of that here. Even when the marketing rock stars were still guesting in the Große Freiheit in Hamburg on the Reeperbahn, the speakers had it all. They not only talk incessantly about how successful they are – they let the listener look behind the scenes to get an insight into an otherwise very closed company. Guests like Gary Vaynerchuck inspire young marketers with their innovative ideas. The New Yorker has turned a small wine shop into one of the most important online shops for wine in the USA and is also a successful bestselling author. Evan Sharp from Pinterest tells Interview on stage what will be new on Pinterest soon. The mid-twenties cheerfully chats out internal information.

Afterwards, Lovoo founder Benjamin Bak chats loose about his startup and cracks jokes about his “bad German” – the startup is in dredges. In 2011 the brothers Benjamin and Björn Bak and 6 other co-founders from Dresden developed Lovoo from the idea of ​​transferring the principle of location-based services to flirting.

Teja Töpfer’s panel, co-founder and CEO at facelift, should also be expected with great excitement. In just 3 years, this company created what is definitely Europe’s leading SaaS solution for social marketing with a focus on Facebook.

The moderation

“Don’t worry, speak in German, even if you come from Dresden” or “Come on in, we’re very relaxed here”. Jokes and sayings are the order of the day _ not a bit excessive technical talk or lectures that nobody understands. The moderators rely on friendly communication and often involve the audience.

Expo: Harvard Professors and New Technologies

In addition to the conference, the “Rock am Ring” of the online marketing industry organized an expo for the first time on Thursday. More than 80 companies from the areas of adtech and digital marketing presented their services and technologies. In addition, visitors to master classes were able to receive practical impulses from Harvard professors and top entrepreneurs.

Perfect organization

The organization team around Philipp Westermeyer comes up with new things every year. This year there will be popcorn, hot dogs and currywurst in a theatrical atmosphere to match the rock’n’roll lecture. And musically, there is always something going on with the online marketing rock stars. Actually, Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson was supposed to deliver the final concert. He had to cancel for health reasons. Rumor has it that Udo Lindenberg will rock the stage at the end of the two days. If this is actually the case, the flying visit to the Marketing Rockstars is expensive fun for the organizers: even short appearances are not available for less than 10,000 euros with artists of the Lindenberg format. The makers of the innovative fair are known for such extravaganzas, having launched a similar show caliber with Jan Delay last year – for the “rock stars” such highlights are a natural part of the brand building of the still young scene get-together in the industry. This takes a lot of courage, because even the top international speakers can only be lured to Germany with large sums of money. And the afterparty in Übel & Hazardous is actually legendary after five years. The marketing fair flagship dmexco, which has not been caught up to now, has had interesting competition “from below” here. The organizers have also ensured a slight decadence: Sometimes a speaker is flown in by helicopter or a bar is put on the stage. As is well known, a good drink has never harmed anyone talking – just like real rock stars.