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Online sales in Germany increase by 75 percent

Online sales in Germany increase by 75 percent

The German market for online advertising is again growing strongly. Whether it’s banners on the edge of the screen, pop-ups, sponsored websites or short films – the demand for graphic Internet advertising is currently growing by leaps and bounds. In the first quarter of 2008, sales increased to 305 million euros – an increase of 75 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. At that time, the market volume was 174 million euros. This was announced by the high-tech association Bitkom yesterday in Berlin. The basis is an exclusive study by the market research institute Thomson Media Control. “The online advertising market continues to soar with spectacular growth rates,” said Bitkom President Prof. Dr. August Wilhelm Scheer.

The telecommunications and Internet industry itself invests the most in online advertising. It spent around 77 million euros in the first quarter of 2008, followed by retail and mail order companies with corresponding expenditures of 65 million euros. Media and entertainment providers (EUR 34 million), banks and financial service providers (EUR 27 million) and the tourism and catering industry (EUR 26 million) complete the top 5. “Not only small banners and pop-ups are popular advertising media”. , according to Bitkom President Scheer. “Many companies are also investing online in large-scale ads and film spots with a high advertising impact.” In 2007 as a whole, the German market for classic online advertising had already set a new record. Sales amounted to 976 million euros – an increase of 103 percent compared to 2006.

About the methodology: All information is based on a survey by Thomson Media Control and includes all forms of classic online advertising. This includes graphic advertising media such as banners, pop-ups and streaming ads. Keyword marketing and affiliate marketing are not included. The extrapolated net sales are shown. In contrast to gross sales, it does not reflect the sum of the list prices, but takes into account estimated discounts and agency commissions, among other things. The difference between gross and net sales thus represents the difference between formally reported and actually paid advertising prices.