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Online shoppers want to save first

Online shoppers want to save first

The pre-Christmas stress of weather-related delivery problems and last-minute orders is forgotten by online retailers and buyers. Satisfied, but with very different intentions and forecasts, the market players started 2011. The economic index “e-KIX” of the E-Commerce-Center Handel (ECC Handel) reached around 120 points on the scale in December. However, while retailers are still enjoying consumers’ willingness to invest and continue to focus on growth, buyers have set out to save.

December is usually the month of superlatives in retail, as the latest economic survey for 2010 confirms. The results of the e-KIX, which are collected in cooperation with Tradoria and Trusted Shops, are at 120.2 scale points, the highest level since the beginning of the survey in January 2010. For shoppers (s-KIX) even 131.2 out of 200 are possible Scale points have been determined, which stands for the greatest willingness to invest over the course of the year. At the same time, however, the forecast values ​​of dealers and online buyers have plummeted. The current s-KIX reaches just 96.6 points on the scale, making it clear that savings are now on the agenda for shoppers. According to the survey, with 122.5 scale points, the e-KIX is at least still in the growth range for 2011, but at the same time delivers the worst forecast value since the beginning of 2010.

“The results of the ECC business cycle index clearly illustrate the Christmas business and the long-term consequences,” explains Aline Eckstein, project manager at ECC Handel. Dealers and shoppers know that the zenith has been passed and the declining willingness to buy will slow down trade in the following months. However, it will be very interesting to see who has made the better forecast for 2011: the traders with the experience of previous years, who continue to expect growth in online trading, or the consumers who have a look at the looted account forecast a decline in the planned online investment volume for 2011.