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“Only bad advertising is annoying”

“Only bad advertising is annoying”

Florian Gmeinwieser, Head of Mobile Marketing of the Plan.Net Group, is convinced that mobile advertising will increase rapidly regardless of how it is played out. – Interview conducted by Sandra Fösken.

When do you recommend the integration of apps as a marketing tool to your customers?

FLORIAN GMEINWIESER: What is an app actually? It is software; in other words, a platform on which brands can present themselves with their content. This can be very efficient, and we recommend this form of communication to our customers if it fits the brand or product, the target group and the campaign goal. Without a communication strategy, an app – just “to have one” – is not necessarily successful.

Advertising in apps could scare off customers!

GMEINWIESER: Whether advertising is annoying mostly depends on the way it is made and how it is presented: Only bad advertising is really annoying. In addition, apps are actively installed by users for specific purposes such as weather, news, entertainment, cooking and so on – often with location-based functions. We can use it to control brand communication very well so that users only see content that is relevant to them. The high click rates in the mobile area speak for it.

Should Adwords ads be an integral part of the marketing mix?

GMEINWIESER: Google AdWords ads usually perform very well and complete the marketing mix in the vast majority of cases – that’s why we actually recommend that most customers also take this discipline into account in the media mix.

What goals is display advertising suitable for?

GMEINWIESER: Depending on the design and environment of the campaign, two approaches are very well suited for display advertising: brand and image communication on the one hand and the entire area of ​​sales on the other. With mobile campaigns, we now sometimes achieve ten to twenty times higher response values ​​than in the stationary Internet.

First published in absatzwirtschaft No. 01-02 / 2013