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Over PLN 27 million was spent on tablet advertising in Poland

Over PLN 27 million was spent on tablet advertising in Poland

The adrino mobile advertising network has researched and estimated the tablet advertising market in Poland.

Mobile advertising, especially the one for tablets, is experiencing a real boom. From year to year, we see more and more creations using the latest advertising formats. Everyone benefits from tablet advertising. Both publishers of magazines, who thanks to their digital editions reach new groups of recipients, and readers who receive advertising content tailored to their needs. Therefore, no one is surprised that 2014 was another year of growth for the tablet advertising market. What is the value of this market today? The answer to this question is known to the adrino mobile advertising network, which was the first in Poland to decide to research and evaluate the tablet advertising market.

Information obtained thanks to the analysis carried out by adrino is not available on the market. The reason is prosaic – so far there has been no entity that would have access to the relevant data. The adrino mobile advertising network is the first to attempt to estimate the real value of tablet advertising in Poland.

The research covered those editions of weeklies and magazines that are technologically adapted to editing on tablets. In total, 24 of the most popular tablet editions on the market were analyzed. Based on the advertisements placed in them, it was possible to determine the approximate value of tablet advertising.

The value of advertising in tablet magazines is over PLN 27,186,000.

What’s more – this value is constantly growing. The upward trend was maintained throughout 2014, regardless of the number of magazines downloaded by users. This, most of the time, remained at a similar level.

– The number of readers of tablet editions of magazines is still growing, but the increase is not dynamic, taking into account the increase in downloading of most magazines in Poland. The fact that from January to December the value of advertising campaigns on tablets increased by over 100% is even more pleasing. In January, the advertising value was slightly above PLN 1,513,000 RC, and in December it reached the value of over PLN 3,572,000 RC. The biggest revival took place in September – the advertising value this month exceeded PLN 2,833,000 in the Czech Republic. – comments Weronika Gładych, Account Manager, in adrino responsible for advertising on tablets.

While downloading digital versions of magazines did not see any sharp increases in 2014, advertisers are increasingly incorporating this medium in their marketing efforts. Advertising on tablets fits perfectly into image campaigns. What’s more – it reaches a very specific target group, advanced in terms of new technologies, and also open to the opportunities brought about by the digitization of society.

– In the last year, the number of active subscribers, and at the same time downloads of editions in the portfolio of magazines, has doubled, and the interest of customers in advertising in digital editions, which is interactive, engaging, and thus very effective, is also growing. – says Mariola Sadowska, director of media houses and intermediaries, Agora. Customers are beginning to understand that ads in applications reach a very attractive target group and less often in their selection they are only guided by the conversion into the cost of reaching. The expansion of distribution and growing revenues from advertising sales allow us to achieve our goals and plan further activities aimed at the development of the digital portfolio offer.
– The market of smartphones and tablets is changing very dynamically, we are constantly observing these changes and the needs of the consumer. Due to the growing popularity of smaller mobile devices, we are introducing our editions to smaller screens – e.g. Logo magazine, Metro on high heels, Metro fit, or recently the Metro daily. Thanks to a specially prepared mock-up, magazine and news content is perfectly consumed both on the large screen of the tablet and on smaller smartphone screens. We have also noticed that Android users, who have been very active in using our free apps so far, are slowly becoming convinced of using apps with paid editions. – adds Mariola Sadowska.

– The past year has shown what has been known for several years, i.e. the UX trend and the adaptation of content to each device. The home publishers are still in the testing process. Therefore, the tablet advertising market will have a chance to grow when the tablet as a communication channel becomes a well-thought-out element of the ecosystem, generating business value for the customer. – comments Agnieszka Gajzler – Vice Managing & Innovation Director, Carat. Content Marketing, as a global, dynamically developing trend, may play an important role in the development of this market. We will probably see how it will affect innovation in communication with the use of tablets. – adds Agnieszka Gajzler.

Despite the visible growth, the potential of tablet advertising is still not fully used. It is problematic to adapt the formats to the complex technological requirements – not all publishers work on the same technology for issuing magazines. Some of them are used by Adobe, while others have decided to use different technologies, often those that hinder the implementation of Rich Media creations. Additionally, adapting them to different tablets with Android system makes the use of complicated mechanisms simply impossible or very difficult. Of course, over time, technological obstacles will be ruled out – developers are already able to deal with most of the errors that arise.

Minimizing technological limitations will make customers look at tablet advertising even more favorably – adds Weronika Gładych.

The estimates were based on the publishers’ price list prices and the results of ad monitoring of tablet editions conducted by the adrino mobile advertising network.

source: press release