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Parrot Jumping Sumo Review – iPhone Controlled Intelligent Robot Riding, Jumping, Photographing & Video Recording

Parrot Jumping Sumo Review – iPhone Controlled Intelligent Robot Riding, Jumping, Photographing & Video Recording

I love Parrot products – from toys to Zik headphones. The French manufacturer is one of those companies that actually reinvent products, creating something that you love and use with great pleasure, thanks to original ideas and different thinking. Parrot Jumping Sumo is a drone that does not fly, although it does fly a little. A drone that costs little, but gives you a lot in return. What? Great fun!

Parrot Jumping Sumo is the company’s second product from the recently presented toys of the French brand. The first one – Parrot Rolling Spider I tested in August. Unlike Spider, Jumping Sumo is not a toy that moves in the sky, but on the ground. Sumo is equipped with two large foam wheels and a special ejection mechanism thanks to which we can jump up to a height of 80 centimeters or jump into the distance about a meter.

We control the toy using our smartphone, and Sumo’s built-in WiFi 2.4 / 5 GHz router with ac band allows us to remotely control it over a long distance.

But from the beginning?

The first Parrot drone was the AR.Drone. This flying quattrocopter won the hearts of? Big kids? globally. Drone wars are held regularly in many places, communities built around this product meet in training camps to practice evolutions and create strategies for ongoing fights between groups. AR.Drone also allowed for the filming of interesting objects that are normally not accessible. Thanks to the ease of control, affordable price and an improved camera in the second generation AR.Drone, videos of amazing abandoned buildings, castles and factories began to appear on the network. However, AR.Drone is a toy for older users. How warmly this product was received probably influenced the decision to introduce much simpler, and thus even cheaper devices, such as the mentioned Rolling Spider or the Jumping Sumo that was just tested.

In the small set with Jumping Sumo you will find little – a USB cable for charging the toy, one battery and a set of stickers for individually decorating the toy.

As I mentioned, Sumo is controlled by a smartphone, so we won’t find any controller in the package. A suitable application called FreeFlight 3 can be found in the AppStore and Google Play for free.

First run

Sumo communicates in WiFi wireless internet technology. It is equipped with a router that creates its own network, thanks to which the connection between the toy and the phone takes place. This router supports connections on the 2.4GHz frequency and in the less noisy 5GHz in the ac band.

Thanks to this specification, we are sure that the telephone-sumo communication will run smoothly, and the range will be at a very good level. Before starting the application for the first time, enter the WiFi network settings on your smartphone and select the network created by the device. Then we run FreeFligh 3 and after a while the connection with Sumo will start. After a while, the image from the webcam mounted on the gadget will appear on the phone screen.

This webcam has a matrix that allows you to record videos in 480p resolution. To view a cell on the screen, this resolution is easily enough. Sumo, however, has the ability to record video sequences and even take photos. Unfortunately, the created media, when displayed on a computer or TV screen, do not look so good anymore. Fortunately, Sumo’s fun is so great that you can swallow this shortcoming.

We ride and jump

Jumping Sumo is a very light construction. Its weight does not exceed 180 grams. Most of its elements are made of damage-resistant plastic. The wheels, on the other hand, are foam and, what is worth noting, can be replaced at any time if they are damaged. There shouldn’t be a problem with the availability of parts. Even MediaMarkt offers spare parts for the AR.Drone. It will probably be similar with Sumo.

One of the few non-plastic elements is the spring that throws Sumo up or into the distance. It allows you to reach a jump height or distance of about 80 cm. Jumping allows the user to jump over obstacles or jump on various objects. The motors used to drive the foam rims allow it to reach 7 km / h. That’s a lot, although recently I had the opportunity to play with another toy – the Orbotix Ollie, which moved at a maximum speed of 23 km / h.

Low weight with slightly slower engines allows you to play for about 20 minutes on a single full charge. It’s not much. However, Sumo has very easy to replace batteries. So you can easily buy 1-2 additional batteries and simply replace them while playing.

While playing Jumping Sumo not only moves and jumps, but also makes various funny sounds (several sound patterns to choose from). For? Curling up? Parrot has added a few defined evolutions, so we can spin around its axis, jump, etc. There are several options to choose from.

How is it run?

The application is transparent. The user has an easy-to-learn controller at his disposal. Sumo can move forward and backward and, of course, change direction – up to 180 degrees. Unfortunately, its low weight with foam wheels, which, unfortunately, do not have too much grip, make Sumo feel best on a flat floor or pavement surface.

During the test, I had a problem with leaving the grass several times. Once, even Sumo had a problem getting off a long-haired (shaggy) carpet. Fortunately, the pop-up mode allowed him to free himself more than once. Unfortunately, the problem with driving was also uphill. The biggest drawback of the toy is therefore the wheels that lack grip.

The speed of the device and the range offered by the built-in router are impressive. I arrived at Sumo, passing half of the neighborhood without moving from the spot. Importantly, the amount of WiFi networks in my area is so large that in my apartment I have a problem with coverage on the phone as soon as I go two rooms away from my home router.

It’s very nice that when Sumo falls over, he tries to? Stand up on his own? and get down to the ride properly. This makes it much easier, especially if we give the toy to a younger person.

Another facilitation is the U-turn button. When we go ahead and want Sumo to come back to us, we don’t have to take a turn to turn back.

Just press a button on the main controller panel to make Sumo turn and be ready to go immediately.


An interesting video test of Parrot Jumping Sumo was made by the team from technikalia.tv. Worth seeing.

Parrot Jumping Sumo performed perfectly during the test. Its pairing with the phone was not difficult. From the moment the phone was connected to the network he created, he was immediately ready to go. The working time offered by the gadget on one full charge may not be impressive compared to the competition (Ollie lasts about an hour, but does not have a removable battery and is heavier), but it is enough for nice, not disappointing fun.

Importantly, as well as connecting to the phone, controlling the toy is extremely simple. In my opinion, even much simpler and even more convenient than in the Ollie mentioned several times in this review.

A child can handle it easily. Parrot Jumping Sumo will be the perfect gift for our kids, because who wouldn’t want a remote-controlled robot?