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PayEye awarded with the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2020

PayEye awarded with the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2020

Fintech PayEye, which was the first in the world to introduce iris payment in commercial use, was awarded the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2020.

The Polish Intelligent Development Award is a prestigious award in the business and scientific community that popularizes, promotes and appreciates the authors of technological and social innovations, as well as direct or indirect investments that raise the standard of living. Fintech from Wrocław has joined this noble group PayEye. Due to the current restrictions related to the coronavirus, the Polish Intelligent Development Award was presented to the winners in a small group. Since 2016, people, teams and organizations that carry out promising research, innovative projects and innovative investments with a view to implementing them now or in the future on the market, to serve the society, have been awarded.

PayEye is a Polish fintech with a global reach, which has developed the world’s first commercial, complete payment ecosystem based on iris biometrics. The first phase of the pilot project is carried out in Wrocław and the surrounding towns and is available in nearly 130 locations, and the number of points where payments can be made by eye is constantly growing. Among the places that arouse the greatest interest, where the eye payment system has appeared recently, there are, among others Wrocław Aquapark, MPK Wrocław, or AC Hotel by Marriott Wrocław, operating as part of the world’s largest international hotel chain, Marriott International.

In subsequent stages, the project will be available in the largest cities in Poland, Europe and the world.

PayEye is available in the mobile application from April 7, 2021. It allows for modern access to the account along with the necessary functions, e.g. secure login, an intuitive and friendly interface – all this is available immediately on the Android and iOS platforms and in the Huawei App Gallery.

The PayEye application primarily provides convenient access to finances anywhere and anytime. The new application enables, among others checking the payment history and account balance. It also allows for quick registration of users interested in paying by eye. The earlier procedure of registration and verification of new users from the current website has been transferred to the application. As a result, it is largely automated and shortened to just a few steps. It is based on photos of an ID document and a selfie, and the entire verification process takes about 2-3 minutes. In addition to topping up by traditional transfer, the account for paying by eye can also be topped up for free thanks to fast payments, P2P transfers are also possible. What’s more, the new application supports logging in with biometrics of the device used by users.

Fintech IT experts are already working on the next versions of the application. They announce, among others functionalities that will enable faster development of the user base, and will also allow the implementation of payments in e-commerce, as well as more convenient account top-up.

It is on the development of e-commerce with the help of biometrics that PayEye wants to focus in the second half of 2021. The advantage – as fintech announces – is to be, among others shorter shopping path.

source: PayEye