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Pebble Announces $ 1 Million Fund to Finance Smart Straps

Pebble Announces $ 1 Million Fund to Finance Smart Straps

Pebble wants to help turn ideas into reality with its $ 1 million fund to create smartstraps

When Pebble Time was announced just over a month ago, the company presented almost in parallel the platform of the smartstraps or smart straps. I must confess that this is a really exciting concept, and although some examples like the Montblanc e-Strap have not turned out quite right, the possibilities they offer are yet to be explained. And Pebble wants to take advantage of it.

The company knows better than anyone how difficult it is to get an idea forward, something that often has only one difficulty: money. For this reason, Pebble just announced a $ 1 million fund to finance the best smart strap projects so that they end up becoming a reality and can reach the users of the new Pebble Time.

Of course, the company will not be able to finance every project that is presented, but its representatives have assured that they will try to distribute the funds as equitably as possible among the proposals that are chosen. At the moment, some of them are already on the table, such as Spark.io, a strap that would allow sync the Pebble and connect it directly to a mobile network, allowing the watch to be constantly connected without the need for the phone.

The SeeedStudio company also seeks to get a good pinch of that background to make the smartstrap they are working on a reality, which would include different modules with GPS, NFC and heart rate sensors, features that are currently not present in Pebble Time. Of course, it will be very interesting to see the proposals that can come out of here.

The Pebble Time and smart straps, a pairing that could work very well

The possibilities of being able to add technical specifications to our final device is something that until recently was just a chimera, but that as a result of projects such as Google’s ARA has begun to be taken seriously. Now, with smartstraps, a new world of possibilities opens up for both users and developers, since it is undeniable that the possibility of being able to add extra batteries it seems very appetizing.

As we read on iMore, Pebble recently concluded its Pebble Time crowdfunding campaign surpassing the barrier of 20 million dollars, a figure never seen before on the financing platform. Recall that the smart watch will begin to be shipped to users from next May.

What do you think of the idea?