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Perdigão reinforces tradition in Christmas campaign

Perdigão reinforces tradition in Christmas campaign

With an investment of BRL 500 thousand, the platform has several partnerships

Sixpix Content announced the launch of youPIX Card, a prepaid card with benefits and advantages aimed at young people. With an initial investment of R$ 500 thousand, the project is part of the youPIX brand expansion strategy and loyalty of the event’s attendees, and brings partners such as Vivo, Bradesco, Fiat, Lomadee/Buscapé, Seara, Azul Linhas Aéreas, Joox, Natura , 3M, Spoleto, Airbnb, among others.

The purpose of the youPIX Card is to offer users recurring benefits, associated with the daily activities of young people, such as food, mobile phone expenses, etc. With the infrastructure of Peela, an online and offline prepaid payment company, registered users will be able to use the card for purchases over the internet and at establishments that already have the provider’s network.

“Increasingly, companies want to get closer and be relevant to the young public. The youPIX Card was born with this spirit in its DNA, for six years we have been curating content and now with the card we will start doing consumer curation, a huge need in the youth market”, says Bob Wollheim, partner at Sixpix Content.

Users will be able to charge the youPIX Card with their credit card, internet banking or at bank branches. At this first moment, the card will be virtual, but from 2013 onwards, a plastic version may be requested.

Participants who register for the youPIX event, considered one of the biggest internet culture festivals in Brazil, which takes place from July 3rd to 5th at the Bienal, in São Paulo, will automatically be registered for the youPIX Card and will receive the ticket accordingly. 100% mobile. This ticket will be, in addition to the ticket for entry to the event, the tool to check in to the various activities on youPIX.

This year youPIX will also go to other cities, debuting in Porto Alegre (August) and Recife (Oct/Nov). “We always had caravans that came from many cities in Brazil to youPIX and we are sure that internet culture, unlike the mass media, is not concentrated in the Rio/São Paulo axis. That’s why we decided to take the event both to the South and to the Northeast”, explains Bia Granja, curator of the event.