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Pink iPhone

Pink iPhone

It is the turn of the news in the content revolving around the subject of the next version of the iPhone, which schematically may or may not be called 6S. The issue touches the Wall Street Journal while debating the appearance and one of the functionalities that will be on board the upcoming device.

We should see the latest version of the apple smartphone in the fall of this year, and although there are still many months left until then, it is already devastating over what can be expected from Apple.

The next edition of the smartphone is to have the Force Touch technology known from Apple Watch and the new Macbook trackpad implemented in the display. This solution is related to touch and recognizes the pressure of a human finger, triggering the appropriate functions of the system.

The information is crowned with the pink version of the iPhone, which this year will complement the portfolio, and of course it will be dedicated to the fair ***.

The production of structural elements is supposed to start in May this year, and the entire device is to start a month later. Importantly, the size of the smartphone screen, which will be adequate to the currently offered models, will not change.

There is also the issue of the smartphone version with a screen diagonal of 4 inches, about which it has been written many times. Apple is to introduce such a model seeing the needs and habits of some users.

Source: WSJ