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Plan and control campaigns from the CMS

Plan and control campaigns from the CMS

Materna GmbH will be presenting new technologies for marketing and sales at dmexco 2015. At the eSpirit partner booth, they will be showing a solution with which online editors can plan and control marketing campaigns from the content management system (CMS) – for example at a new product launch. The content can then be played directly in the various online and social media channels.

The software providers want to relieve the burden on large and distributed editorial offices in particular. The solution can be used with the FirstSpirit CMS from the software manufacturer eSpirit AG. FirstSpirit already offers the possibility of importing content into various channels and using workflows for task control, but planning, organization and control on the basis of a content marketing campaign is not yet possible, explains Materna GmbH. The planning and organization for the creation of the content is often done in an application that is independent of the CMS. Jumping back and forth between several systems leads to additional expenditure in terms of time and organization.

Bundle editorial tasks

With the new solution from Materna, all content marketing campaigns can be planned and carried out directly in the CMS. For each campaign, goals, period, participants and content to be created are stored in the form of tasks and other campaign properties. The editorial team is proactively reminded of tasks to be completed and receives an improved overview of all editorial work such as tasks, actions and publications via the integrated status board. With campaign planning, several editorial tasks can be bundled into one marketing campaign. The tasks created using the Materna solution are linked to the workflows supplied by FirstSpirit.

At the push of a button, the content is then played in channels such as websites, Twitter and mobile communication channels. A status display can be used to analyze performance during and after a campaign and compare different campaigns. In addition, Materna offers online editorial offices and marketing departments editorial relief. Customers can choose from various modules from the Materna editorial team: online news, online PR, social media management, corporate blogging, content marketing and corporate writing.

Study on digital transformation

At the dmexco, the analyst and consulting company PAC (Pierre Audoin Consultants) and Materna will present the results of their joint study on the opportunities of digital transformation for marketing and sales for the first time. The study is intended to provide information about the importance of different digital channels, whether the companies have already started or are planning digitization initiatives and what role external service providers play in this.