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Platforms enable new customer interactions


Platforms enable new customer interactions

Sapient Nitro and SDL’s Web Content Management Solutions (WCMS) division are now launching jointly developed multi-channel communication and marketing platforms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the future, the company’s platforms for integrated marketing and technology services and the provider of global information management solutions will serve as the basis for new customer interaction solutions.

The “Ionos” platform designed by both companies for airports is already in use, combining real-time travel information with marketing messages and making them available on websites, in mobile phone applications and on digital display boards. Travelers could use it to find out about flights, check-in or waiting times at the security gate as well as the weather at the destination on the way to or while staying at the airport. A detailed map of the area shows the way to the terminals or shops and restaurants and draws their attention to offers.

The goal of Sapient Nitro and SDL WCMS is to develop new web engagement management (WEM) solutions for other industries such as retail and the consumer goods industry. This enables companies to manage marketing content across all brands, target groups, devices and channels, including websites and campaigns, uniformly and in real time. The partners would pay particular attention to the support of social media and the customer dialogues held therein. This is intended to give companies control over all digital marketing activities, which are becoming increasingly complex due to the growing number of channels and the increasing importance of social media. The platform is also intended to enable companies to significantly reduce their production costs for creating digital content.

“In our joint projects, the web content management solution from SDL WCMS has proven itself as a powerful platform for multilingual multi-channel marketing and has made a significant contribution to the business success of our customers,” says Wolf Ingomar Faecks, Managing Director of Sapient Germany. By combining holistic branding, creativity and technology, Allianz is meeting the needs of companies to offer their customers even more intense brand experiences.