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Playing time Far Cry huge, confirmation again, no demo, perhaps DLC

Playing time Far Cry huge, confirmation again, no demo, perhaps DLC

Louis Pierre Pharand, producer of Ubisoft’s upcoming first person shooter Far Cry 2, has reaffirmed that there will be no Far Cry 2 demo. The open world structure of the game is too complex, making a good demo simply not possible.

    Any chance of a demo before release?

    Louis-Pierre Pharand: No demos will be available. It became too complex to do a demo of an open-world game. We decided to put those efforts in the game, so that everyone can enjoy a better and more polished experience.

We already saw the same problem with Grand Theft Auto IV, which also did not have a demo. Yet Far Cry 2 already has a large group of fans who will definitely get the game, demo or not. Pharand still leaves the option for downloadable content open;

    Will there be any DLC for Far Cry 2 and if so what kind of content are you planning/thinking about making?

    Louis-Pierre Pharand: I can’t say at this point. It’s a secret!

In addition, the playing time that Far Cry 2 has to offer was briefly discussed. According to Pharand, a gamer needs at least 20-30 hours to complete the game, but that can go up to hundreds of hours.

    Roughly how long will the average person take to complete the game?

    Louis-Pierre Pharand: If a gamer goes through the story path only using the fastest way, then about 20-30 hours.

    Most players will take about 40-80 hours depending about the investment in side missions and exploration.

    Game exhaustion is in 100 hours. That’s not taking into account that it’s impossible to play the game the same way twice, so replayability is huge!

Read the entire interview again here.

After Far Cry, developer Crytek dropped the franchise to work with Crysis. Ubisoft picked up the name Far Cry and put the talented team in Montreal (Rainbow Six: Vegas, Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed) on the ambitious project Far Cry 2. Far Cry 2 will focus entirely on stark realism, not sci-fi. -fi elements as we often found in the first Far Cry game. So we certainly don’t have to be afraid to suddenly encounter strange mutants. Yet we do come across monsters, but then as a metaphor for horrific people. The biggest surprise that Far Cry 2 brings is that you, the main character, are infected with the malaria virus. You will have to keep looking for the right medicines during your adventures in order not to get even sicker. The medicine gives you extra strength and better resistance to attacks and injuries, but if you play without medicine for too long you will slowly but surely turn yourself into a very sick person. Ubisoft has developed a special leveling system for your character for this.

Another special system targets your injuries. You will regularly incur ‘normal’ damage, but every now and then you can get so seriously injured that it is necessary to treat yourself on the spot. Think of removing a bullet from your body and bandaging a bleeding wound. If you don’t take care of such injuries they will always kill you and you will also die instantly if you are shot while tending an injury. Fortunately, Ubisoft has already indicated that you do not have to deal with such lingering wounds every once in a while.

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Far Cry 2 will be released on October 24 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.