The PlayStation Portable has surpassed the sales figures of the Nintendo Wii and DS in Japan and it appears that Sony’s plan to sell more of its handhelds is working. In the week ending March 2, the PlayStation Portable sold more than seventy-three thousand copies, about twenty thousand more than the week before. With that, the PSP blew Nintendo off the throne; the Wii sold over sixty-four thousand copies and the DS just under fifty-two thousand.

These statistics are not entirely surprising. Sony recently announced a number of new games, new colors and a new entertainment set for the PlayStation Portable in Japan. On the Nintendo side, on the other hand, it remained fairly quiet and for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a major asset of the Wii, still has no release date set.

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In the same week, the PlayStation 3 sold more than 13,000 copies, the PlayStation 2 nearly 11,000, and the Xbox 360 sold a mediocre 2,200 copies.


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