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Plus with Christmas sales on the net


Plus with Christmas sales on the net

Around 63 percent of the members of the Federal Association of German Mail Order Trade expect good to very good Christmas business. On a scale of 1 (very good) to 6 (unsatisfactory), the average value for expectations is 2.5.

As the industry representative reports, around 84 percent of mail order companies expect online sales to increase during the Christmas season. For comparison: Last year, the internet share of Christmas sales was around 38 percent. Books, CDs and DVDs, perfume, jewelery and toys are popular Christmas gifts again this year. But entertainment electronics or clothing often ended up under the Christmas tree by mail order.

The Federal Association of the German Mail Order Trade, based in Frankfurt am Main, represents the interests of around 250 companies that offer their goods via catalogue, Internet or TV. Among them are senders with a joint catalog and internet offer, pure internet dealers, TV senders, ******** senders and Ebay power sellers. The mail order industry has an annual turnover of around 27.6 billion euros in private customer business. Internet sales of goods reached a record value of 10.9 billion euros for the first time this year.