According to a recent study by Slice Intelligence, Pokémon GO, at least in the United States, would have lost something like 79% of its paying users. Starting from July 15, the date on which the highest peak of in-app purchases was recorded in the States, users willing to take advantage of the in-app purchases present in the game are dropped dramatically.

The data collected are in general rather interesting. The introduction of Pokémon GO has almost doubled the number of users willing to spend money on in-app purchases in relation to the mobile gaming market, but two months after the launch, the numbers returned to the levels prior to the arrival of the game.

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During the month of August, 28% of mobile gaming revenue came from Pokémon GO, which is six times the earnings recorded by the second most profitable game of the month. And despite the 79% drop reported in the first paragraph, Pokémon GO even in September manages to generate more revenue than the rest of the competition (Candy Crush, Clash Royale and company).

Niantic Inc.’s own game also managed to give one significant boost to the sale of merchandise related to the Pokémon brand. The fact remains that if the software house does not try to quickly propose something new and above all to improve the overall gaming experience, the earnings as well as the users, paid and not, will continue to drop just as drastically.

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