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Polenghi Announces New Brand Identity

Polenghi Announces New Brand Identity

Campaign presents the activities of the AES Brasil Group company

“Customized Energy with World Solidity”. This is the concept created by the agency. Dim&Canzian in an advertising campaign to publicize AES Tietê’s new positioning. Traditional in the electricity generation segment, the company is now selling it on the free market, mainly for industrial use. AES Tietê is part of a conglomerate of corporations that is present in dozens of countries, with more than 27 thousand employees and 100 million people served worldwide.

The agency’s strategy is to emphasize the solidity behind AES Tietê, which gains strength through an infographic that alludes to a large root that visually shows all the greatness and ramifications of the AES Group in Brazil and in the world.

The campaign also reinforces the differentials that AES Tietê offers its customers, such as customized service, close relationships, flexible contracts and contribution to sustainable development. “Finding a differential in a commodity market is not easy. It was necessary to experience each client’s process to create a speech that was really relevant to the target.”, says Michele Dim D’Ippolito, Chief Creative Officer of Dim&Canzian. AES Tietê’s attributes were also points that guided the media strategy, which focuses on print media.

Advertiser: AES Tietê
Campaign: Free Market
Agency: Dim&Canzian
Chief Creative Officer: Michele Dim D’Ippolito
Chief Media Officer: Marcio Canzian
Creative Direction: Gabriel Araujo, Bruno Salgueiro and Rodrigo Gigante Machado
Creation: Alê Parmê and Guga Borges
Head of Planning: Samantha Barbieri
Planning Assistant: Sergio Ávila
Media Supervision: Mauricio Belchior
Media Assistant: Lia Fernandes
Account Executive: Barbara Benevides
Approval: Luciana Alvarez and Carlos Rafael Tanjioni

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