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Possible expansion set AC/DC for Rock Band 2?

Possible expansion set AC/DC for Rock Band 2?

There have been some rumors surrounding AC/DC downloadable content for Rock Band and a standalone AC/DC version of Rock Band, but now it seems it’s something completely different, namely an expansion for Rock Band 2 themed around the well-known group AC/DC. This was according to a memo that was sent to employees of WalMart, a large American supermarket chain that also sells games.

Harmonix, the maker of Rock Band, has not confirmed anything yet, so it remains to be seen whether this expansion set for Rock Band 2 will actually come.

Rock Band 2: The Opening Act is a game that transfers the musical boyhood dream in a virtual form to the next-gen consoles. The Rock Band games are being developed by Harmonix, a developer who pioneered the Guitar Hero series. The game can be played with four people who use controllers in the form of instruments (microphone, two guitars and a drum kit) to play music from big rock stars. The vast majority of the songs contain heavy rock, of course, but genres such as classic and country are also included.

Rock Band is not a game, Rock Band is a music platform. Rock Band 2: The Opening Act is therefore not a normal sequel, but an ‘update’ of the platform. New are a slicker interface for managing your band, a laundry list of new songs and a set of new plastic tools to let your hair down. But because it’s all part of one platform, you don’t have to buy new instruments, or re-purchase songs to play them with Rock Band 2. Everything will work together without any problems.

The new guitar is another Fender Stratocaster, but this time with a softer neck, a better strum bar and finer *****. The drum set is now sensitive to how hard you hit, your strokes are muffled and the pedal has been drastically improved. Both are now wireless, including for the Xbox 360.

Rock Band 2: The Opening Act should be in American stores from September for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 version will follow later. A European release date is not yet known.