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Pro Evolution Soccer 4 for Xbox and PC postponed

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 for Xbox and PC postponed

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 has been delayed a little bit. For the PlayStation 2, the game has been out for a month, but Xbox and PC owners have to wait a little longer than planned. The Xbox version will now be released on November 26, instead of November 19. And the PC version will hit stores on December 1. Both versions were therefore delayed by one week, for an unknown reason.

The Pro Evolution Soccer series is known as the best soccer game out there. The games have always been in the shadow of the FIFA series in terms of sales and fame due to EA’s marketing, but Konami says it will put an end to that with Pro Evolution Soccer 4. In Japan, Winning Eleven Internation 8 has already sold more than 1 million copies and it seems to be a hit here too.

Where FIFA is more arcade football, Pro Evolution Soccer goes more for realism, speed, better controls and more beautiful football. So now. Passes, shots, free kicks, corners, penalties and dribbling and receiving have been improved to give you even more control over the ball. The problem that the players used to be called Ruut von Mistelbooy and Piette von Haaijdunk is now over, Konami now has the licenses of, for example, the Holland ****** Eredivisie, but also those of the Spanish Primera Division. And the editor has also been improved. Famous players now have their signature dribbling moves, shots and natural looks.

Previously, Pro Evolution Soccer only appeared on the PlayStation 2, but last year it also came to PC and now also on Xbox. And the Xbox gets an exclusive online mode, you can now of course play matches online but also take penalties against each other. And of course there are scoreboards to see who is really the best.

It’s a shame that the games both appear a little later, but until then you can enjoy yourself with the PlayStation 2 review. Expect an Xbox review soon as well.