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Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Rejected Ads Download

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Rejected Ads Download

In the UK, advertising promoting Pro Evolution Soccer 5 has been banned from being broadcast on English TV. In the spot we see a lawnmower driving over the TV cable on which John Terry and Thierry Henry are playing. According to the English Advertising Code Committee, this is in violation of health and safety rules and the advertising is therefore banned from English TV. According to the committee, children would not be able to tell the difference between television and reality. Perhaps children could indeed ride a lawnmower over a TV cable and then, as eurogamer.net puts it so beautifully, your hair will stand on end, smoke will come out of your clothes and your skeleton will blink.

Of course the spot is on the internet and can be downloaded here using a torrent file.

Pro Evolution Soccer 5, called Winning Eleven 9 in Japan, will offer more basic moves, a more realistic representation of the weather (now including snow), but the most promising will be the improved net option. A new option in the game is Nippon Challenge ‘Go For 2006’, where you have to guide the Japanese national team to an international tournament, at least in the Japanese version. A kind of Hiddink option, but with Japan. Chelsea, Arsenal, FC Porto, Galatasaray, Dynamo Kiev and Rangers are some of the teams that should grace the game.

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 will make another attempt this year to stay ahead of Electronic Arts’ FIFA 2006. Konami will try to achieve this through even smoother animations, even more features and even better AI to make PES 5 the ultimate football simulator.