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Producer on Prince of Persia DLC

Producer on Prince of Persia DLC

Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes spoke out about the DLC for the game in an interview. As far as Mattes is concerned, it is not about a new skin or a new weapon, but about a new story. Matt:

A criticism of Prince of Persia is that the game would be too easy, but according to Mattes that is not the case in the DLC. There will be many collectibles that will add to the gameplay, such as new powers for your sidekick Elika. In total, the DLC should provide about 12 to 18 hours of new gameplay. That can even go up to 24 hours if you check all corners, sidewalks and dialogues.

In the latest Prince of Persia, the Prince finds himself in a new world that is corrupt and compromised. The story and thereby the goal of the Prince is to purify this world. This story and the accompanying environments will be more imaginative this time and not so clinging to reality. It should be given a more magical, almost poetic design, but still remain very believable. The player has to light several ‘Lightwells’, which will send pure light into the world and thus restore the world’s purity one by one.

The transformation of the world that comes with this will happen in real time. No more annoying cutscenes, but you can just walk around while your environments adapt to the new situation. This way plants grow back and the sky becomes clear again while you can keep moving. It will also no longer be possible to manipulate time in this Prince of Persia. No more time travel and turning back.

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Prince of Persia has since been released for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS.