Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan said this feature will be key on the new machine.

  • Sony would port its players to the PS5 as soon as possible
  • Backward compatibility will play a key role in this

In mid-April, Sony unveiled the first official details of the PlayStation 5 in relation to which there was also a function that was left out in this generation: backward compatibility. Exactly how it will work has not been revealed yet, but it is certain that the PS5 will be able to run PS4 titles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan recently explained that a lot will depend on how quickly they can port their players to the PS5, and backward compatibility will play a key role in that.

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“The key to the platform’s success is the initial momentum. For us in the next generation, success will depend on being able to move the community from PS4 to the new generation faster than ever before,” Ryan told GamesIndustry.

The president also added that that doesn’t mean they’re going to forget about PS4: he says their current console will be their number one source of revenue for the next three years or so. At the same time, gamers will be able to vote much harder for the PS5 by knowing that they will take their existing game collection with them to the new generation.


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