Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, recently revealed more details about this PlayStation 5.

  • Fresh PS5 info has been released
  • PS4 friend lists will remain on the new machine as well
  • The SSD will not be tied to a more expensive model
  • It will also support 120 Hz image refresh

Sony unveiled its first official in mid-April PlayStation 5 information, and we’ve been getting the little crumbs and rumors ever since – Sony Interactive Entertainment head Jim Ryan, for example, recently spoke about the importance of backward compatibility. And the president recently revealed more details in an interview with CNET – let’s see the highlights!

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Regarding backward compatibility, it was also mentioned that I don’t want to share the community after the generational change, so friends lists will be platform-independent, for example – this also strongly suggests that current PS4 user accounts can be transferred one-on-one to PS5. which will also make it much easier to “save” the PS4 game library.

There was also talk of a hybrid SSD storage that provides lightning-fast charging times, which we recently saw as part of a short presentation. In this regard, Ryan said it’s not an extra feature, but the basic PS5 version will be included, not tied to a premium model – if at all. The hardware will also support 4K resolution at 120 Hz refresh rate if someone has the right TV for it.

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Why is Sony talking about the PS5 when the actual unveiling and appearance is still a long way off? Ryan also mentioned this: they want to anticipate the leaks now that external development teams are already working on PS5 devkits, so they came up with the official info.


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