The console manufacturer will focus on high-budget triple-A-category games in the next generation.

  • Sony would target the hardcore layer with the PS5
  • They will focus on triple-A games rather than indie titles

Sony occasionally drops some info on PlayStation 5 and now the company’s CEO, Josida Kenicsiro, spoke on the subject again, this time detailing the strategy, saying their new-generation machine will be aimed primarily at hardcore gamers.

Kenicsiro says gamers will console primarily to “play high-quality exclusive games,” which is why they will focus on triple-A-category creations instead of indie titles, and their own in-house studios are also working on high-budget developments.

  Sony does not comment on Home release date

Some technical details are already known about the PlayStation 5, but the release date and price are yet to come – chances are not much, as the late 2020 premiere is rumored.


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