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Publicis and Yahoo jointly develop new advertising solutions

Publicis and Yahoo jointly develop new advertising solutions

Publicis Groupe and Yahoo announce several innovative technology initiatives designed to enable Publicis Groupe clients to best take advantage of global mobile advertising opportunities.

As absatzwirtschaft-online reported, Publicis only announced yesterday that it would be bundling its digital activities via the VivaKi strategic unit. Today, Publicis Groupe and Yahoo announce that they are taking the initiative together to make online advertising trading easier and more efficient. Both partners plan to use Yahoo’s mobile platform to expand brand reach and engage with mobile customers through innovative advertising solutions.

The integration of Publicis’ current media buying system into Yahoo’s online auction platform Right Media Exchange is also under discussion. “With this new collaboration, Yahoo and Publicis are paving the way for a new generation of innovative advertising solutions,” said Sue Decker, President of Yahoo.

“Through this partnership with Yahoo, we are addressing one of the biggest challenges marketers face today: the need for hyper-personalization at scale,” comments David Kenny, Managing Director at Publicis Groupe VivaKi. By creating a sophisticated business structure that is specifically geared towards deriving financial benefits from this medium, the company is giving the entire industry new impetus and new standards for innovative online advertising.

Publicis Groupe’s mobile marketing agency, Phonevalley, will be the first agency in the world to introduce Blueprint, a leading developer language for mobile platforms from Yahoo, reports Yahoo Germany. With this tool, customers could spread their advertising messages worldwide, accelerate time to market and bypass traditionally scarce development resources and high costs. In addition, Yahoo and the Publicis Groupe are to work together on targeting solutions that address target groups even more precisely.

The platform initiatives are the basis for the Publicis network VivaKi NerveCenter, the founding of which the group announced yesterday. The Publicis Groupe is the world’s fourth-largest group in the field of communications and the second-largest group in the field of media consulting and purchasing. In the field of media consulting and purchasing, he acts through the two global networks Starcom MediaVest Group and ZenithOptimedia, in interactive and digital marketing through Digitas and special agencies and marketing services for communication. -mu