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Quantum Physics 2.0 – not only about quantum physics, in simple words

Quantum Physics 2.0 – not only about quantum physics, in simple words

In the new edition of the book “Kwantechizm 2.0, or a cage for people” by Andrzej Dragan, he explains in a humorous and understandable way what quantum teleportation or the theory of relativity is.

The latest edition of the book “Quantity 2.0, or a cage for people”Andrzej Dragana makes his debut under the Otwarte publishing house. This edition features a new chapter on the groundbreaking explanation of quantum phenomena by Ekert and Dragan.

Ideas about the universe, formulated for centuries, turned out to be a collection of approximations or nonsense. Talking about anything, for sure, as the author of this book writes, is not only insolence, but – what is worse – tactless. We learn more and more about the laws that govern reality – not by establishing sacred truths, but by successfully undermining them. The vision of the world that has started to be drawn thanks to this is thoroughly shocking.

To bring it closer to us, Andrzej Dragan explains in a clear and lucid way the extraordinary conclusions of Einstein’s groundbreaking theories and the most surprising laws of quantum mechanics, and presents his own, new and revolutionary model connecting them together. In addition, he explains why chickens constantly move their heads, why ants do not gallop, and why dinosaurs would not complain that a day is only 24 hours long (if they could speak and understand the concept of time, of course).

About the author

Prefosor Andrzej Dragan is the laureate of several dozen awards for scientific, as well as photography, film and music activities. In his youth, he was a famous cracker (a person breaking security programs), he hitchhiked all over Europe, and now, as a researcher, he pushes extremely bold physical theories.

In April 2021, together with prof. Artur Ekertem published a work in the prestigious New Journal of Physic, in which they combined the fundamental postulates of quantum mechanics with the special theory of relativity in one coherent model, proving for the first time in history how some laws result from others. If they are right, it could mean the biggest revolution in science since the announcement of Einstein’s revelation! And in the pages of this book he explained it as easily as if he were reporting a meeting with his colleagues.

His TEDx video announcing the death of old physics and explaining the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics was viewed by over a million people at the blackboard.

As a photographer, he created an innovative technique of photo processing, now known as the “Dragan effect”.

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source: Otwarte Publishing House