Ubisoft has no plans for a sequel to Rainbow Six Siege yet, and the next generation would go for it with this game as well.

  • Ubisoft has no plans to continue the Rainbow Six Siege
  • It will also appear on the next generation of consoles

At that time, back in 2015, the a Rainbow Six Siege “his career,” Ubisoft ‘s team – based competitive shooter, however, has come a long way right now, resulting in a now stable player base, revenues that have recently exceeded $ 1 billion, and new content is constantly being added.

After this, the question rightly arises: what does the future and the forthcoming next console generation hold? Well, the answer may seem surprising, but it seems nothing special.

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Of course, it’s not us claiming it, it’s Alexandre Remy, the director of the Rainbow Six brand, who told the Daily Star that there are no plans to continue yet, and I want to carry over the current game to PS5 as well as the next Xbox.

“The decision is based on the fact that we don’t want to separate our community from different platforms. The ideal vision for us is that everyone can play with each other, regardless of platform. The next generation will go for it in the spirit of it.”

By the way, the cross-platform game has been mentioned by the developers as a long-term goal before, so it’s no coincidence that this aspect came up again in connection with Rainbow Six.


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