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Real Death Wise – Everything you need to know about Netflix’s grandiose cyberpunk series

Real Death Wise – Everything you need to know about Netflix’s grandiose cyberpunk series

Slowly here is the second season of Real Death, so we’ve gathered everything you need to know about the first season and background world of the series.

Back in 2018, Netflix brought us the first season of the cyberpunk series called Real Death (and based on Richard Morgan’s book of the same title), which, while not as successful as, say, last year’s Butterflies, is especially entertaining. and succeeded excitingly. That’s why a lot of people got their heads when the streaming service provider announced the arrival of the second season as a lightning strike towards the end of January, moreover, very soon, specifically on Thursday, February 27, that is, tomorrow.

But what is worth knowing about the background world of Real Death? Who is Takeshi Kovacs, why is he such a dangerous person, and why is his surname so Hungarian? What happened in the first season, and where is the story now? We answer these questions (and a good few more) in this article, in which we present the background, characters, and plot of Real Death so far.

Attention! Due to its topic, the article is highly spoiler, please read on with this in mind.

The background world of Real Death

In the vision of Real Death, humanity has not only sprung up among the stars, but has also defeated death along the way, thanks to an incredibly modern process by which people’s consciousness can be digitized. The mind thus immortalized can be downloaded into any body with the help of so-called consciousnesses, and thanks to this, death is not final, it only lasts until one gets a new “envelope”. Of course, this technology also has its limitations: if your consciousness is destroyed or the digital imprint of consciousness is erased, the victim will die a real death from which there is no return.

However, worthy of a bloody cyberpunk vision, this form of immortality is only available to those who can afford it, and it brutally widens social gaps. The rich can live for centuries or, in theory, even forever with the help of clones and backups of their consciousness, while the poor can resurrect their loved ones for maximum holidays or major events, even by being exiled to some slipped drug or other unfortunate body.

This growing inequality was also noticed by Quellcrist Falconer, who sparked an uprising against the Protectorate, which encapsulated the colonized worlds, professing from his pure heart that immortality was not for humanity. Among his elite followers came the so-called Messengers, the most dangerous and deadly soldiers in the known world, who, thanks to their specially conditioned minds, could be deployed in any world and in any body, just minutes after their minds were loaded into their new shells.

However, in spite of the exceptional power of the Delegates and Quell’s sense of mission, the uprising was eventually crushed and the rebels were hunted down to the last man, so that in the end nothing could stop the construction of the new world order. He who could pay became a Methuselah who lived as long as he wanted, and everyone else could exist as long as he had money for it. So it may be that Real Death will take us a little further into the future than we may have become accustomed to from its genre, but if we look below the surface, this series is certainly cyberpunk, with all its themes and sayings.

The protagonist of Real Death

The protagonist of Real Death is Takeshi Kovacs, a mercenary of half Japanese and half Hungarian descent. Kovacs comes from the World of Harlan, eighty light-years from Earth, exactly from the city of New Pest. His childhood was also problematic in the lower voice: his father was constantly beating his mother and him, and when he was content to kill the old man, the authorities immediately detained him. Luckily for him, however, he was spotted by the CTAC, the Protectorate’s elite, rapid-response commando, and soon he was one of the deadliest soldiers in known space.

He spent his youth traveling from one mission to another, completing countless targets and performing plenty of delicate tasks on behalf of the Protectorate, but when Quell’s revolution broke out, he too sided with the rebels and eventually became one of Falconer’s Envoys. Thanks to a lucky coincidence, he managed to survive even the suppression of the rebellion and the extermination of the Delegates, but his comrades still fell victim to the pushing blow of the Protectorate, and Kovacs had no choice but to take advantage of his special abilities.

A brief summary of the first season of Real Death

At the start of the first season of Real Death, Takeshi Kovacs is just a simple mercenary trying to support himself on Harlan’s World by stealing your minds, but his former comrades are tracked down and killed by CTAC. Because he was involved in the Quellcrist Falconer rebellion, Kovacs is considered a terrorist and would have no chance of getting a new envelope until one of Earth’s Methuselahs, Laurens Bancroft, who lives in San Francisco, buys him to solve a mildly unusual case.

Bancroft had recently killed himself by shooting his consciousness, that is, by real death. Since his consciousness is backed up every 48 hours and his clone is plentiful, of course the case did not come to his life, but now he is convinced that someone wanted to kill him, and since the police treat his death as suicide and have already closed the file, therefore forced to seek outside help. Given that if he does not accept the assignment, he will immediately lose his freshly received body, Kovacs will of course nod to the offer and begin an investigation.

At first, Bancroft really seems to have ended his life with his own hands, as the safe where the murder weapon was stored can only be opened by him and his wife, but Kovacs is soon forced to realize that the situation is much more complex. Shortly after his arrival, he is attacked by assassins who, despite his new body, know his name and later, among other things, kidnaps him in a cruel torture in virtual reality and then forces him to fight his own clone.

Finally, when Kovacs already thinks the situation could not be more complicated, his sister, Rei, who thought he had died with the other Delegates, comes forward and admits that he arranged for Bancroft’s death so that his brother could be reborn. . However, in order to do that, he had to wade through a lot of people and ruin a lot of lives, and when it turns out that he originally betrayed Quell’s Delegates as well, Kovacs filled the glass and turned against him.

The final showdown between the two brothers takes place in Rei’s brothel hovering over the city, where after a long fight, Kovacs finally defeats his sister. To save his life, Rei admits at the last minute that Quell is still alive, but he hid his consciousness so that no one but him could ever find him. However, this does not affect Kovacs, who ends up with the woman, who then turns up to explore the known worlds for Quell himself in the second season tomorrow.

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