A few months ago we received the demo of Resident Evil 7, which presented us with a new first-person camera but also all the ingredients of the classic Resident Evil: psychological terror, lack of resources and the need to explore and find items to solve puzzles. Now the demo has been updated to its Twilight version with a few new things.

That is why in our new short report we want to bring you closer to the changes that Resident Evil 7 has introduced in its demo thanks to its latest update in case something has happened to you. If you are interested in playing it, we recommend that you do not continue reading so as not to spoil the surprises that this return to the Baker house brings.

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Family portrait

In the initial room, above the space with the hidden switch, there was a photograph of a couple of a certain age. In this updated demo we can see how the snapshot has been completely revamped. Now four people appear: the Baker couple and two children. In the demo, in the part that we handle the camera Clancy, reference is made to Lucas, a “bad seed” within the family. It could be one of them.

Locked door

When we left the initial room to our right we found a door locked tight. Before it was just a door. Now it is too, but the difference is that it is covered in a disgusting and mysterious viscous material that we are dying to know what it is.

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New sounds

As you approach the aforementioned locked door we will hear whispers. In addition, in other parts of the house such as the hallway before reaching the stairs or in the kitchen itself we will hear new sounds that will give us goosebumps.

New area in the attic

The great addition to that demo is, of course, the new zone. It is a room attached to the attic where the telephone was located that gave us access to one of the ends of the demo. As you know, to access we only have to restore the power with the fuse, go down the stairs and go up them.

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Closed window

One of the interesting things that we will find in the new area is a chained window with a lock. When we try to open it, the text that appears on the screen tells us that it “looks like an exit”, so maybe later on we will have a new ending there. Similarly, there is a door in that area that cannot be opened either.

New key

In this new area we will find a new key called “basement key”. Unfortunately there is still no way to use it anywhere, so we are increasingly convinced that this was not the last update for the Resident Evil 7 demo.

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New phone call

Precisely when you pick up that key, the phone will start to ring. If we take it we will activate the end immediately and when we hang up the good Jack Baker it will repeat that of “welcome to the family, they are”. However, it is interesting to listen to the female voice. On this occasion he tells us that every door will open, otherwise it would not be a door. But that everything must come in due course.

Pistol ammunition

One of the new items (not so new actually) that we have found in the room next to the attic is the classic pistol ammunition from the Resident Evil saga, in its red box. We have a bullet under a bed and another three inside a box that we have to open, as always, with the ax.

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Mannequin hand

The mystery of the false finger begins to unravel. And it is that in the new area we will find a mannequin hand with space to place our beloved finger. However, the item is still of no use in the demo as it currently stands.

Text on the wall

Finally, in that same area we will find a red text written on the wall. In it we are told that there are five tombs but that it is difficult to find them. At first it seems a clear reference to the mannequin hand and each of the five missing fingers. Maybe our mission in future updates is to find more fingers and unravel the mystery… if it is ever solved.


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