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Results and video report of the TMF Game Awards 2006

Results and video report of the TMF Game Awards 2006

The TMF Game Awards are the Netherlands’ biggest awards within the gaming industry, and this year was even bigger than last year. After all, how could you miss the countless TV spots on TMF and MTV calling on you to vote for your best game? The 2006 TMF Game Awards were presented at Gameplay yesterday, and we’ve got the winners, plus video footage from the event!

More than 50,000 people voted for the ten categories via www.tmfgameawards.nl and www.powerunlimited.nl. But of course there can only be one best per category, and they were announced yesterday. Presented by TMF VJ Miljuschka Witzenhausen and Gameking presenter Skate the Great, the prizes were awarded yesterday in the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht, on the main stage of the Gameplay. The TMF Game Awards 2006 will be broadcast on TV on December 12, but for those who can’t wait that long, we have the results for you.

The 2006 TMF Game Awards was presented by Gameking Skate and TMF VJ Miljuschka. They were occasionally assisted by fellow Gamekings Steven and Boris, who were stationed on a stage located on the port side of the main stage. In short, it was mainly a lot of irritating (sometimes not working) videos, music and promotional talks from the publishers of the games that were awarded prizes. Did you miss Miljuschka in a leather dress? Check out our video compilation of the TMF Game Awards 2006.

Some will find the result surprising, others will completely agree. You put it all together yourself, because the TMF Game Awards is a public award. What do you think the winners of the Game Awards should be?