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Review Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard + for iPhone 12 Pro Max – amazing protective glass with lifetime warranty!

Review Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard + for iPhone 12 Pro Max – amazing protective glass with lifetime warranty!

AND• 65 percent of adults complain of eye problems caused by blue light emitted from screens. It is not surprising, since each of us spends on average almost 9 hours each day looking at the phone, computer, TV, but more and more often at the indicators of the car or the multimedia system in the form of a screen. Protective protector in the form of glass Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard + was equipped with a special blue light filter and a surface that eliminates almost 100 percent of bacteria and viruses. It’s just that great protection in case the screen is hit or scratched with a lifetime guarantee against breakage!

I recently changed my phone to the new iPhone 12 Pro Max. Its review soon, but today I can say something about the newest screen protector from the ZAGG brand, namely about Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard + for the new iPhone with a 6.7 ‘screen, i.e. 12 Pro Max. Of course, the offer also includes the same model of protective glass for other Apple phones.

10 times more bacteria on the surface of the screen than on the toilet seat

This is not a joke. The conducted research clearly showed that our mobile phone is the dirtiest object in our environment. Bacteria colonized him much more willingly than the other leader of the group, i.e. the computer keyboard. Behind them, far, far, far away, there is only the toilet seat in the city toilet, which contained as much as 10 times less bacteria than on the tested surface of cell phones. Scary? Of course scary!

I do not know why smartphone manufacturers have not yet started to use an antibacterial coating on the casings and screens of handhelds they create, but until they start doing it, we have nothing else to do but to disinfect the cell with disinfectant or UV rays on a regular basis, for example with such a device that we tested some time ago from MyScreenPROTECTOR or use a protective protector with an antibacterial surface.

The protective glass from Invisible Shield, which I tested, has such a surface.

According to the manufacturer, 99.99% of bacteria on the screen are immediately eliminated. No UV. Without decontamination.

Lifetime glass break warranty and blue light protection included

What distinguishes Invisible Shield products from the competition is lifetime manufacturer’s warranty in the event of glass breakage. Of course, this is about the protective glass, not the phone screen glass.

If you break the protector when you hit or fall, and this is how the glass protectors dissipate the impact force, you will get a new protector completely free of charge. And so for the rest of your life – yours or your phone, which you will wrap with a protector. After the purchase, it is enough to register your purchase, and after destroying the protective glass, send it to the address indicated on the manufacturer’s website, so that the manufacturer will send us a new one at no cost.

For some time, Invisible Shield has been strongly promoting eyesafe technology, the task of which is to protect our eyes from blue light emitted by liquid crystal screens. It is true that smartphone manufacturers, aware of this threat, implement solutions such as TrueTone or Night Shift, which are designed to relieve our eyes a little. Their biggest disadvantage, however, is the huge negative impact on the displayed image. It just turns yellow, dark and unattractive. It’s okay if we need to read something before falling asleep. Not acceptable for media playback.

Here comes eyesafe and the blue light filter used in the protector. As you will see in the photos, protector Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard + it is perfectly transparent, in no way affects the colors displayed by the image, which does not distort them.

And the eyes are still protected. If you have trouble falling asleep, bloodshot eyes, often thirds and watering them, blue light overload may be the cause. After putting on the protector, it should be easier for them.

While we’re at it, how does the installation of Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard + look like?

The set includes literally everything that is necessary and helpful when installing the protector on the phone screen.

Believe me or not, but Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard + is the first so hassle-free protector in the installation that I have had the opportunity to install so far, and I have tested dozens of them. Setting up was incredibly easy, hassle-free, and didn’t require any adjustments, which I almost never do.

The kit includes a special mounting frame. It allows you to stabilize the phone on a flat table top. Someone will say that this is an overgrowth of form with us content? Have you ever put glass on an iPhone 12 Pro Max with giant and protruding lenses in the corner? No, try it without this frame and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

In addition to the frame, we were given a microfiber cloth and a cleaner with alcohol. A lot of alcohol, so degreasing and cleaning the screen is not a problem.

When the phone is already protected in the frame, the surface is degreased and polished, there is nothing else to do but stick protective glass.

Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard + is a case-frendly protector, which means that it will parse to our screen regardless of what case we wear on it. It will also fit easily in the case that overlaps the edge of the screen the most, i.e. the one that provides the highest level of protection. Such a case in combination with a protector Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard + it’s basically an insurmountable defense like Fort Knox.

The positioning of the protector on the screen is greatly facilitated by the ears glued on the outside of the glass. It is enough to remove the protective layer from the part with the adhesive (marked accordingly), then grab the ears with both hands and aim perfectly at the center of the display area on the screen.

I made it literally the first time, without any bubble, no mess. Until I couldn’t believe it myself.

If, however, you did not manage to do it so efficiently and some debris falls under the protector, then no problem. The set includes a special dust separator. It is enough to slightly lift the protector with your fingernail and pull it in with the peeler sticker.

What are the advantages of Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard +?

The glass break guarantee advertised by the manufacturer or the aforementioned filter that cares for our eyesight are undeniable advantages. But this product also has many non-obvious advantages. Let’s start with the “case-frendly” match.

Anyone who first glued some edge-to-edge protective glass and then looked for a suitable case knows the problem.

It is in this case that most often the ones that we like the most and seem to be the best protection do not fit, because the edge extends too far over the screen, which is why it does not fit in due to the glued glass.

In case of Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard + this problem does not occur. Another advantage is the cut-out in relation to the display’s illumination surface. It is true that there will probably be malcontents who will complain that the competition’s entire surface is covered. Yes, but in this case, the light and proximity sensors usually get incorrect indications.

The screen begins to incorrectly adjust the light intensity and TrueTone parameters. Thanks to this design, the protector Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard + is completely free from this problem. Selfies in this case will also reflect reality better.

Another advantage is the mentioned antibacterial filter. There is no need to explain the merits of this advantage. However, I cannot but recall the ease with which we apply this protector ourselves, without the help of a specialized point. Thanks to the assembly system used and the high-quality product, assembly is child’s play and takes only a moment.

The material used to create this protective glass is very pleasant to the touch. It does not hinder the operation of the phone in any way. Fingers literally slide over its surface as if on the glass of the screen, and the anti-fingerprint layer ensures that the surface remains clean for a long time.

The product for review was provided by the company ALSTOR, owner of an online store iCorner.pl

Review Invisible Shield glass elite visionguard + for iPhone 12 Pro Max – amazing protective glass with lifetime warranty!

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  • High product quality
  • Complete kit for easy assembly
  • Perfect transparency
  • Blue screen light filter
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Anti-bacterial layer
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