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Review Natec Octopus – an interesting keyboard and mouse set at an affordable price

Review Natec Octopus – an interesting keyboard and mouse set at an affordable price

INIn my opinion, the most interesting thing from this set is the well-made, extremely ergonomic keyboard. The mouse is an interesting accessory and although it is not too bad, not everyone will like it. But let’s start at the beginning.

Natec Octopus is a 108-key keyboard set equipped with two Bluetooth modules and radio communication. This translates into the possibility of managing up to three devices with its help, between which we can conveniently switch between the buttons on the numeric keys. It can be three different computers, but also a tablet, phone and even a TV. So you can see for yourself that it sounds functional. Of course, the mouse included in the set can switch communication between 3 devices. Two Bluetooth and one radio modules were also installed here.

What’s in the Natec Octopus sales set?

In a neatly prepared packaging, the manufacturer has included everything that we will need to use the set right after the purchase. The keyboard, as well as the mouse, received a set of batteries necessary for operation. In the mouse housing there is also a radio receiver to establish a radio connection of the keyboard and mouse on the 2.4 GHz frequency in case our computer is not equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 or at least 3.0 connectivity, which is also supported here.

Keyboard – first impressions

The keyboard makes a very good impression. Its front is made of dark aluminum, which further enhances the effect and makes it look good, but also give the impression of being solid.

It is equipped with 108 keys in the QWERTY layout intended for computers with Windows, which, however, does not limit the possibility of using it only with PCs. I will say even more, the keyboard works very well with the poppy, but you have to get used to the replaced function keys compared to the dedicated keyboard for Apple computers.

Moreover, you can use this keyboard with iPhone as well as iPad successfully. You just need to connect to them using Bluetooth connectivity.

The keyboard is equipped with X-Scissors mechanisms with a relatively short, but noticeable stroke. Much more than the Apple Scissor Keyboard. The keys have interesting cut corners and a clearly embossed center for greater comfort while typing. You feel this ergonomics as soon as you start typing. The keys work nicely, and getting used to the spacing is just a few minutes of work.

There are two channels of Bluetooth connectivity to choose from. So we can connect the computer and tablet via Bluetooth, or if we need to use a third device, use radio connectivity by plugging the radio module into USB on the computer, and pair the other two devices via Bluetooth.

If it is a device supporting BT 5.0 and it will be our main device for working on the keyboard, we can probably count on a long battery life due to the high energy efficiency of this solution. The keyboard is powered by two thin AAA fingers.

Mouse – first impressions

The computer mouse included in the set is probably not a reason for anyone to reach for this set. This does not mean that this is a bad indicator, I would rather call it very basic, despite the fact that it offers – like the keyboard – the ability to switch between three devices, including two via Bluetooth and one via radio.

First of all, this mouse is definitely too small, and this translates into little ergonomics and simply inconvenience. Of course, if someone likes these types of small mice, he will be pleased. The mouse is made entirely of plastic. It does not have any anti-slip additives or function keys. I do not mention the **** on purpose, because nowadays it is more of an indispensable element than one that could be called additional or increasing functionality. The key next to it is used to switch between paired devices.

The mouse is powered by one AA battery. It offers a pretty average sensor, allowing you to use a resolution between 800 and 1600 DPI. So you can see for yourself that you will not go crazy with this mouse, but I will repeat, it is not worth buying this set for her. So do the mouse from the Natec Octopus set have any advantages? I found one that surprised me. Namely, the microstats used in it do not make any sound. Perfect for working in open space!

To sum up

This set was priced at about PLN 250. However, I found offers below PLN 200 without major problems. At this price, it’s hard to find a better wireless keyboard that offers so much for so little, and keep in mind that there’s a mouse here as well.

As I mentioned, it is not worth buying a Natec Octopus for her. It is average and its only advantage is the silent buttons. The keyboard is a masterpiece at the price as for free. I recommend.

The review kit was provided by IMPAKT SA

Review Natec Octopus – an interesting keyboard and mouse set at an affordable price