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Rival Kingdoms, the strategic MMO with “300-player revolutionary raids”

Rival Kingdoms, the strategic MMO with “300-player revolutionary raids”

Rival Kingdoms is the new strategy game from the software house Space Ape Games, which you may know for Samurai Siege, another strategy that only on Android can count on more than 5 million downloads.

Without going around it too much, Rival Kingdoms it’s a classic Strategic MMO along the lines of Clash of Clans, but obviously it is certainly not easy to stand out in a market as saturated as that of mobile management systems, and the guys at Space Ape Games have tried to create a particularly accurate title and with some mechanical rather interesting.

The opening words are always the same: we will have to build our impregnable fortress assembling new defenses, including towers, walls and even a great lair to breed a huge dragon, and compete with various opponents by attacking and storming their strongholds. Before launching into the so-called PvP we will still have the opportunity to face one countryside which will also aim to make us more and more powerful.

Which ones are they the news with which Rival Kingdoms tries to distinguish itself: first of all training troops, phase completely deleted from game. In fact, there will be evocation portals and combat teams, and the player will limit himself to deciding and setting the latter. Also in battle we can count on powers of the titans: each titan we choose will have three different spells to unleash on the battlefields to change the tide of the battle.

The alliances that we will join with the other players will bring us, thanks to mode “Plunder of the Kingdoms”, to form raids consisting of 300 players. The whole is then packaged with a nice graphics engine and particularly cured and translated into Italian. Like other games belonging to the same genre, Rival Kingdoms is also available for free, for Android and iOS, and supported by optional in-app purchases to unlock premium credits. To follow badges for download, screenshots and official trailer. Good fun!