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Rock Band goes Indy with The Fratellis Pack

Rock Band goes Indy with The Fratellis Pack

Harmonix had already promised to release a large number of new tracks for Rock Band in 2009, so that we can feel like a real living room rock star. Harmonix is ​​starting to live up to this with a new update every week and for upcoming spring rock band Guns ‘n Roses with a whole CD.

And next week there will be another Rock Band update and this time with the British Indy band The Fratellis. The tracks will return to the regular rate, 160 Microsoft Points or $1.99, and will be available to download from Tuesday, February 10 and Thursday, February 12, respectively, via Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store. The tracklist of this pack is as follows:

The Fratellis Pack (440 / $5.49)

“Flathead” (160MP / $1.99)
“Henrietta” (160MP / $1.99)
“Creeping Up The Back Stairs” (160MP / $1.99)

Rock Band is a game that has to transfer the musical childhood dream in a virtual form to the next-gen consoles. Rock Band is being developed by Harmonix, a developer who was partly responsible for the Guitar Hero series. The game can be played with four people who use controllers in the form of instruments (microphone, two guitars and a drum kit) to play music from big rock stars. The vast majority of the songs contain heavy rock, of course, but genres such as classic and country are also included.

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Rock Band has already been released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Wii.