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Rock Band Unplugged with release date and details

Rock Band Unplugged with release date and details

At the end of February, Rock Band Unplugged was already revealed for the PlayStation Portable and today some new details and a release date have been revealed. The game will be released on June 9.

The game will have an in-game store for downloadable content, much like Rock Band has on the consoles. As for the gameplay, it is stated that your hands are the only accessories, so it is expected that you will be busy pressing buttons, just like in games like Amplitude. Furthermore, Rock Band Unplugged includes game modes such as World Tour, Band Survival and Warm Up. An extensive character creator is also promised.

Rock Band Unplugged’s UMD disc contains 40 tracks, all of which are original master recordings, including nine “exclusive” tracks. These are the songs below, which will later appear as downloadable content for the other versions of Rock Band:

Rock Band Unplugged features music from Blink 182, Boston, The Police and Kansas, among others. The game is supported with downloadable content. There is no extra add-on with this game as we know from Guitar Hero: On Tour. The gameplay of Rock Band Unplugged resembles old Harmonix PlayStation 2 games, such as Amplitude and Frequency, where you have to press a button at the right time. Once you’ve completed a series of notes on an instrument, it will automatically continue playing for a while, allowing players to switch instruments to go for a higher multiplier.

Rock Band Unplugged will be released June 9 for the PSP.