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Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

In general, you want to see a movie in the cinema for the spectacular action, the beautiful shots and maybe also because of that one handsome actor or actress who plays the leading role. At Rock of Ages, perhaps only the last of those three options applies (Julianne Hough!), because the main reason why you want to experience this film in the cinema is of course that wonderful rock music.

Rock of Ages is a film version of the musical of the same name that started in 2006 and still attracts full houses. Leading characters are the young musicians Drew (Diego Boneta) and Sherry (Julianne Hough), who want to start their career in Hollywood. They meet on Sunset Trip, fall in love, try to get a job in small bars, et cetera. Cliché story about puppy love, yes, but that’s not what Rock of Ages is supposed to be about. It’s about how the story is told; told through rock hits such as Rock You Like A Hurricane, Don’t Stop Believing and Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

Tom Cruise can sing?!

The special thing is that all the actors have sung their own songs. So not just those who are actually singers like Boneta and Hough, but also Tom Cruise as rock star Stacee Jaxx and Alec Baldwin as shadowy bar owner Dennis Dupree. The songs sung by Cruise simply sound wonderful. You would almost wonder why the best man didn’t have a rocking music career in the eighties. Baldwin, however, does a lot less well. Not only does his singing sound bad, sometimes he even sings out of tune, he also plays a role that absolutely does not suit him.

Other roles include Malin Akerman, who as journalist Constance Sack is sent out to interview Stacee Jaxx, Russel Brand, who runs a bar as Lonny with Dennis Dupree and Catherine Zeta-Jones, as soured mayor who takes rock out of the world. wants to be banned. All three play an excellent role, with Akerman as the standout. Not only does she appear to have a beautiful singing voice, she also has a very good chemistry with Cruise. The highlight of this is their sugary sweet duet I Don’t Know What Love Is.

Musical roller coaster

Because the rock songs follow each other in rapid succession, you end up in a kind of musical roller coaster. The pieces of dialogue are never too long, sometimes even too short. On the one hand that light disturbs, on the other hand the telling of the story is taken over by the music. Not only in the form of ‘normal songs’, but also in the form of very successful mashups. For example, We Built This City and We’re Not Gonna Take It are wonderfully mixed together.


The strength of this film is also its weakness. Apart from the music he has very little to offer. The lead actors don’t even add much to the film. Of course it is wonderful to get through the good setting of the atmosphere in the eighties vibe and it is nice to see how Tom Cruise as a film version of Axl Rose whirls through the image, but just listening to the soundtrack is already lovely. A case of hate it or love it. And I love it.