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Rocky Snowball – The latest games from under the radar


Rocky Snowball – The latest games from under the radar

We played tactics in space, interrogated criminals and didn’t accidentally play golf with the most exciting indie titles of the last two weeks.

Autumn is here, and with it the gaming industry is running at full speed. Gears 5, Borderlands 3 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint have also been released in the last few weeks, just to name a few of the really big titles, but luckily those who prefer indie titles shouldn’t be bored either. In the last two weeks, not a great game has appeared under the radar, so let’s see which of them are worth trying!

The Executioner

The Executioner is a text-based role-playing game of a Russian team that, as its title suggests, gives a glimpse into the everyday life of an executioner. However, according to the plot in the medieval environment, it will not only be our task to execute sinners, but interrogation and judgment will be an integral part of our work.

Accordingly, The Executioner is a rather dark and depressing role-playing game where we have to do our bloody work as efficiently as possible while clinging to the rest of our intact minds with our teeth. However, it doesn’t hurt to be on the lookout: feedback suggests that the English-language localization of the game is still on a rather weak footing, which could be a serious setback for a program that’s mostly sharpened to read.


Spaceland is the latest game from Braveland developers, this time focusing on the distant future instead of a fantasy environment. According to background history, we can form a group of adventurers trying to uncover the secrets of a mystical, abandoned planet. Of course, they have no easy task at all, as hordes of aliens and mutants can’t wait to tear them apart, but that’s why we’re navigating them through these clashes.

Spaceland is basically a turn-based strategy where you have to crush the most oppressively overwhelming opponent with a team of seven characters armed with different abilities and equipment. The gameplay, reminiscent of old classics, promises lightning-fast action, which is also thrown up by plenty of weapons and opponents, not to mention the main opponents waiting at the end of each chapter.

3rd eye

3rd eye is a very disturbing 2D horror game at first glance, in which we often have to literally dig into the brains of each character in order to move on. the protagonist of the story is Koishi Komeiji, a young girl who has the gift of a third eye so she can see into people’s thoughts. His parents and siblings had long since disappeared from his life, he had become accustomed to loneliness, but when one day he wakes up in a room completely unknown to him, his life changes radically.

The gameplay in 3rd eye is quite simple: our main task will be to find and use different objects in each location, while of course we will also try to figure out what happened to our protagonist. Not only is this the real strength of the game, but the graphics: perhaps it can already be seen from the trailer that the creators dreamed of a very unique and not a bit depressing world of images that is both stylish and creepy, thus highlighting the 3rd eye in indie out of horror.

What the Golf?

A What the Golf? the makers themselves admit it is a golf game for people who hate playing golf. And to put it mildly, the self-contradictory concept is a great game of skill and logic based on physics, where we really have to do a lot of things that have nothing to do with golf.

Among the courses with more overcast ideas, we have to hit the golfer to the hole instead of the ball, but we shouldn’t be surprised if the game entrusts us with the control of a car, an office chair or a horse. Each level of What the Golf is accordingly another surprise, where there is only one thing for sure: we can skim the program for as long as we can, but we will never play golf in it.

Flynn: Son of Crimson

Flynn: Son of Crimson is a 2D action / adventure game scattered with exploration and platformer elements. In Studio Thunderhorse, we can play a young orphan, Flynn, who one day wakes up to shed light on his own origins while also awakening an ancient and mystical force called Crimson.

The game, which will be supported by pixel-art graphics, will accordingly focus primarily on discovery and fighting. The developers promise to expect secret flights, ancient secrets, and a fast, fast-paced combat system that has also been tossed up with a variety of special abilities and items. Plus, if all that weren’t enough, we’ll sometimes be able to visit an alternative dimension throughout the game to influence the look and feel of the world through our actions there.

Star Renegades

Star Renegades takes us to a distant future where the great of humanity suffers under the rule of an oppressive government. Of course, it will be up to us to put an end to these unfortunate states by directing a rebellious, untold, ready to throw away their own lives in the hope of freedom.

Star Renegades will essentially be a turn-based, rouge-lite role-playing game with a strong emphasis on tactics, calculated risk-taking, and interrupting and defending enemy attacks. The randomly generated campaign ensures that each of our plays is different, and it’s not just that we’re going to evolve: the developers promise that each opponent and main opponent will change and get stronger depending on our game, thus guaranteeing that the rebellion it should be a really rock hard job.