So far, almost everyone has thought it likely that the next-generation Xbox will be the more powerful console, but that can’t be taken for granted at all.

  • The PS5 is said to be the more powerful console
  • This was written by an editor of Game Informer

Just as the Xbox One X has been positioned as the most powerful console, the rumors of the next generation so far have been that the new Xbox will be more powerful than the PlayStation 5 – Microsoft’s E3 presentation also hints at a very muscular machine. However, this may not be the case in the end …

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That’s not what we’re saying, but Game Informer editor Andrew Reiner, who recently revealed on Twitter that there were rumors circulating in front of E3 that the PS5 would actually be more powerful than the new Microsoft console currently running as Project Scarlett.

The info comes from developers for whom PS5 devkits have certainly started to get out, but starting with the 2020 premiere, developer nextgen Xboxs can’t be too far either. And although there are always differences between devkits and the final hardware (the former is typically stronger), from now on it will definitely be worth watching how the duel develops in terms of raw performance.


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