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Run and fight for human rights with “Right Runner”!

Run and fight for human rights with “Right Runner”!

Games usually help us to forget about everyday worries and problems, but the “Right Runner” application has slightly different aspirations.

Created in cooperation with UNICEF, this intriguing platformer draws our attention to an important issue and carries an inspiring message about the rights of young people. You start the game as a kid skateboarding through the bustling island. Tap the right side of the screen to jump and hold your finger to perform tricks, or tap the left side of the screen to slide over walls and remove obstacles with a kick.

In Right Runner, the message is part of the immersive gameplay

Your goal is to collect megaphones to reinforce your message and inspire other young people with your talent. Just drive past them and they’ll join your fight for the right to play safely!

To get to school before the first bell – and every child has the right to a good education – you’ll need to make your way through an extremely impoverished neighborhood after leaving the island. Don’t worry if you fall over: the game will only take you back a bit and motivate you to never give up.

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Later on your journey you will meet cars and buildings swept by a massive flood, then you will find yourself in a surreal world full of dark faces, knives and sinister hands, where you will fight a metaphorical fight for a life free from violence.

At the end of the adventure, Right Runner will encourage you to use your voice in a more literal way. The moving finale of the game not only informs young people about their rights, but also inspires them to fight for change.

Right Runner Highlights:

You can download the Right Runner app for free on your phone from the App Store and Google Play:

source: UNICEF | App Store Polska