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Ruzicka: The trial will start in January

Ruzicka: The trial will start in January

The much-anticipated trial of Aleksander Ruzicka, ex-CEO of Aegis Media, and David L., ex-manager of media purchasing at Aegis Media, begins on January 15th. Initially, 17 days of negotiations are scheduled.

by Michael Ziesman

As the Wiesbaden district court announced today, the trial will begin on January 15, 2008 at 2 p.m. Resume dates have been scheduled beginning Tuesday, January 22nd. A total of 17 days of negotiations were scheduled by the end of March 2008. Negotiations are held on two days per week. The presiding judge at the district court in Wiesbaden, Jürgen Bonk, scheduled five trial days in January and February and a further seven trial days in March 2008 each month. Since the course of the taking of evidence is not yet foreseeable in detail, the Wiesbaden District Court is already pointing out possible further dates. Hearings are being held in the same room of the 6th Criminal Chamber – Economic Criminal Chamber – in which the black money affair against Manfred Kanther was already negotiated.

Since the main accused, Ruzicka, not only remains in custody, but also denies any guilt, each of the 86 accused cases of suspected infidelity has to be tried. Each individual case must be documented and discussed. Witnesses, receipts and documents are eagerly awaited to prove the previous arguments of those involved in the process. Against this background, those involved in the process and observers are expecting a process that will last at least until mid-2008.

In view of the circumstances that became known in the run-up to the trial about the background to the possible breach of trust, but also the origin of the underlying criminal complaint, a detailed investigation and an interesting list of witnesses can be expected.