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Samsung Galaxy S22 brings revolutionary camera experience

Samsung Galaxy S22 brings revolutionary camera experience

Units are expected to arrive in classrooms in 2012

Starting next year, public school students will have to share the attention given to notebooks, books and the blackboard with tablets. According to the Minister of Education, Fernando Haddad, the MEC will make available “hundreds of thousands” of units with the aim of universalizing access to technology in the classroom.

The information was passed on this Thursday by the Minister of Education, Fernando Haddad, during a lecture to school book editors at the 15th Bienal do Livro. According to Haddad, the public notice for the purchase of equipment will be published later this year. “We are investing in educational digital content. The MEC invested, in the last period alone, R$ 70 million in the production of digital content”, he communicates. The public notice provides for local production, totally exempt from taxes and already has the approval of the Ministry of Finance. The minister acknowledged that the Ministry of Education is facing a process of transformation. “Now we need to make a leap with tablets. But we have to do this in a way that strengthens the industry, the authors, the publishers, so that we don’t suffer a problem of sustainability, with the issue of piracy.” The MEC initiative has the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, led by Minister Aloísio Mercadante. The speeches are aligned. A little over a month ago, Mercadante expressed the idea of ​​covering public schools with tablets. He went further: he said he intends to follow successful examples of countries that have switched from paper books to digital clipboards. “We want to take to the public school and do as other countries are already doing. Taiwan has already done away with the textbook, there is only book in the library. The student reads the entire bibliography through the tablet which is also an electronic notebook. Korea, in two years, will have no textbook. It is the next step of our project”, said Mercadante. With information from Agência Brasil

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