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Samsung, Seat and SAP join forces to develop new connected cars

Samsung, Seat and SAP join forces to develop new connected cars

It seems that the South Korean technology company Samsung begins to show a clear interest in the cars of the future, as it is opening new avenues through agreements with other firms to enter this interesting market.

Precisely for this reason the company has created a team that is primarily responsible for the development of autonomous technologies, that is, for the self-driving of vehicles. These alliances of the South Korean company began to be seen last year when signing an agreement with the car manufacturer Seat. But now, also coinciding with the imminent start of the fair MWC 2016 in Barcelona, ​​the incorporation of SAP, a leading company in business applications and networks.

Thanks to this recent union, in the Mobile World Congress 2016 The three companies are expected to introduce new concepts to users by tackling next-generation technologies, all through the knowledge and innovation of the three companies. Among these technological concepts we will see the fact of being able to pay without leaving the car, being able to do so by means of an authorization in the form of digital key, for instance. In the same way we will find the digital key, which we will have the possibility of sending through the mobile phone for a third party to have a fully functional copy.

On the other hand, work is being done on the remote control of certain sections of the vehicle such as the remote opening and closing of the vehicle’s doors and windows, or remotely activating the vehicle’s air conditioning system.

It must be borne in mind that SAP is a company especially focused on software for companies, business networks and the Internet of Things, sections of the utmost importance in the cars of the future. Therefore according to Injong Rhee, Executive Vice President and Head of R&D software Samsung affirms “The partnership of Samsung and SAP demonstrates our commitment to developing innovative solutions for the next level of the connected car.”

What is evident is that the three companies see that the connected car and the future autonomous car it will be a market that will open up a huge field of possibilities where this alliance intends to establish itself. Now we have to wait to see what they present at the fair that begins tomorrow in addition to the next few months to get a glimpse of the new technologies that they will offer us.

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