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Sherlybox’s quick success on Kickstarter


Sherlybox’s quick success on Kickstarter

Only 6 days was enough for the Sherlybox developers to collect $ 69,000 – the minimum necessary to start producing a private cloud. Now they reveal another ambitious campaign goal.

Less than a week after the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, Polish technology startup Sher.ly raised $ 69,000 for the production of the Sherlybox. The minimum was reached on Monday, June 9 at around 5 p.m. Polish time. Quick success means that the first copies of the Sherlybox should be produced in November 2014. But that’s not all.

The company announced its first ambitious “stretch goal” in the amount of $ 250,000 on the campaign website. After it is achieved, it will be possible to replace the current heart of the device – the RaspberryPI module – with 4 to 6 times more efficient BananaPI. For the user, this means even faster connections and smoother operation of the Sher.ly application (dual-core processor with higher clock speed and 2x more RAM memory). A detailed comparison of the modules can be found at this address: LINK.

The campaign will be active for 22 more days on the Kickstarter website

At the time of this information distribution, there was nearly $ 80,000 in Sher.ly’s account. There are also still over 600 devices available for purchase in different variants, in addition to the diskless version, which was completely sold out.

We would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome of Sherlybox and every, even the most modest, support. Every share on Facebook, every dollar donated on Kickstarter, brought our dream closer. Such a quick achievement of the first goal would not be possible without the help of a multitude of people involved in this idea, since the first sketches were created. Thanks to their faith and effort, and the support of tech bloggers and media outlets, people have learned that there is an alternative to public clouds. We already know that they will finally be able to afford to buy their own private cloud. Thank you once again – said Marek Cieśla, one of the co-founders of Sher.ly, shortly after achieving the first goal.

We haven’t had time to recover from the campaign launch, when the first minimum has been reached. Thanks to you, the idea of ​​safe and faster file exchange will be realized. However, we are not resting on our laurels. When we achieve our next goal, we’ll be able to significantly increase Sherlybox’s performance. We see that people like the project and we believe that we will collect $ 250,000 to give your private cloud additional power in the form of the BananaPI platform – added Błażej Marciniak, CEO of Sher.ly.

Operating under the control of the Sher.ly application, Sherlybox is an alternative to the existing solutions related to data exchange via the Internet. In the case of using a public cloud (services such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive), the files must first be sent to the server or created on it. It takes a long time to send larger files, and space is limited and you have to pay extra for it. Confidential data may also be exposed to the interference of external entities.

Sherlybox, on the other hand, works in a closed environment. Unlike the cloud, such as Dropbox, the shared files, regardless of their size, are visible to group members after a few seconds and can be downloaded then. Each member can decide which files are needed, and you can set synchronization for selected files or folders. To send someone data via Sher.ly, it is enough to send an invitation to the group within which we want to share data. Nothing is sent to the public cloud. Sherlybox and other user devices become our private cloud.

Technically, Sherlybox works like a NAS drive, but with a much simpler configuration system and intuitive disk space management from the application on your computer. You only need to press the button in the shape of the Sher.ly logo on the housing 3 times to connect the Sherlybox to any Mac OSX, PC or Linux computer.

From the outside, the device is equipped with a USB 2.0 input, HDMI port and audio input. Thanks to the compatibility with the Plex.tv website and the XMBC platform, Sherlybox can be used to watch movies directly on a large screen TV or monitor. The Sher.ly application allows you to additionally manage all cloud services (Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive) directly from the application itself, which gives us better visibility and control over all shared data.

Sherlybox – a private and shareable cloud on your desk

The originators of Sherlybox are Marek Cieśla and Błażej Marciniak. Marek is a co-founder of the popular ALLPlayer media player and the first Polish Catzilla benchmark. Błażej Marciniak has extensive experience in the field of secure network communication solutions. He is also the originator of GatelessVPN technology.

source: Sher.ly