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Shop solution integrates web controlling


Shop solution integrates web controlling

Omeco GmbH, manufacturer of online shop software and service provider, is introducing a new version of its Webshop 4.4 that integrates its own web controlling solution based on the open source web analysis software Piwik. This gives shop operators a real-time overview of important key figures such as page impressions, the origin of visitors, shopping baskets, orders, sales, the conversion rate or the success of the campaign.

On this basis, users can optimize both their shop and their online marketing measures in a targeted manner. The web controlling solution is operated by Omeco, so that the shop operator does not incur any effort for installation and integration. Another focus of the new 4.4 release is search engine optimization (SEO). The new Omeco webshop not only generates speaking URLs, but also supports canonical tags. Shop operators can use these tags to transmit the preferred version of a URL to search engines and thus avoid duplicate internal content.

In addition, the shop software automatically saves products in so-called microformats. This makes it particularly easy for search engines to find products. In addition to controlling search engine indexing via the back office, the new release also enables the adaptation of meta tags – with a multi-level fallback mechanism. If no meta tags are entered, they are generated automatically. The Omeco Webshop 4.4 is rounded off by new marketing functions and usability improvements.