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Signify introduces WiZ’s new affordable smart lighting products

Signify introduces WiZ’s new affordable smart lighting products

NSignify, the world leader in the lighting industry, has announced a new line of intelligent WiZ lighting products that increase the comfort of everyday life. The WiZ ecosystem has been expanded with the latest product line – including smart table lamps, ceiling lamps and accessories. They make it easier than ever to integrate lighting throughout your home.

Create your dream mood or paint the walls with light

How to turn an empty corner of a room into a cozy reading space? WiZ HERO is a compact, versatile table lamp that will create the perfect atmosphere for reading, working or relaxing. It has pre-programmed modes to wake up and fall asleep, thanks to which it emits light that stimulates and energizes in the morning, and helps you fall asleep in the evening. Turning the touch on and off is so easy that even children can use WiZ HERO as a bedside lamp.

In turn, a table lamp WiZ SQUIRE Perfect for a table or bookshelf. The original two-zone design will help turn a blank wall into a colorful “work”, while creating a glow that builds a soothing, harmonious atmosphere.

Smart ceiling lamps for every room

An adjustable ceiling lamp will be the perfect solution for those who are looking for elegant and subtle intelligent lighting WiZ SUPERSLIM. The minimalist, slim design makes it a perfect match for the living room and any interior design. In circadian rhythm mode, it can mimic the natural changes in sunlight throughout the day.

The tinted WiZ ADRIA ceiling lamps with a cold and warm color will be perfect in more functional areas of the home, such as the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. By connecting the ceiling light to the WiZ app, you can dim the lights using the app or voice control. Cold, bright light no longer needs to wake up the household members during a night visit in the kitchen or bathroom – it is enough to set a warm, dim light using the voice assistant.

Color or white adjustable WiZ IMAGEO headlamps will help highlight noteworthy areas of the home through directional lighting. These versatile, adjustable LED spotlights bring out the true and vivid colors of rooms, favorite decorations and other interior design elements. Or you can direct the beam towards the desk for focused, cool light that increases concentration and productivity.

Signify introduces WiZ’s new affordable smart lighting products