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“Small companies will discover online business even more for themselves”

“Small companies will discover online business even more for themselves”

Two weeks after the launch of the free online shop module Jimdo, more than 3,000 shops with more than 13,000 products are online. Even the sales commission of two percent for Jimdo Business planned from July has been canceled. Jimdo managing director Matthias Henze explains in an interview how the sales model works.

How did you manage to achieve this market position so quickly with an already established product?

MATTHIAS HENZE: Two things play a role: On the one hand, it is a new category of shop, which is easy to use and has a professional appearance at the same time. We are not aware of any other product where you can set up a shop with a click. On the other hand, it is a product that our two million users wanted from us – and they are all now busily starting to get into the online business.

Which companies is the offer aimed at?

HENZE: The shop is aimed primarily at newcomers to e-business. The new module is part of our (free) website construction kit, which is particularly suitable for private individuals, clubs, artists, freelancers and small companies. The little ones are the big ones with us, such as the artist Bobsmade, the liquorice expert and the bag manufacturer Friedabagg. The system is also not intended for large brands.

How is the free version of your online shop module financed?

HENZE: With a ten percent share in sales for us. With the free version, the aim is for users to be able to try out the shop risk-free. The business package (15 euros per month) without sales commission for Jimdo is intended for professional sellers.

What is your goal in developing a Facebook app?

HENZE: Facebook has developed into a good marketing channel for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With the app, we want to enable small companies to use the channel even better and to sell their products through it. In addition, they will be able to easily integrate their products from the Jimdo website on their fan page using an app.

How do you assess the future of online shop modules?

HENZE: I’m sure: we are only at the very beginning of e-commerce. Many small companies will discover online business for themselves, not least because of the ever simpler technical solutions. In this respect, we are looking forward to a future that will certainly continue to be characterized by a high rate of technical innovation.

Martina Monsees asked the questions.