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SmartDGM Review – Smart light bulb and mains socket with remote control

SmartDGM Review – Smart light bulb and mains socket with remote control

NAnd at the last IFA fair, I could see the enormity of companies that offer their smart devices or entire building automation solutions. Smart home is a standard for many people today, which until not so long ago seemed to be access to cable or the Internet. And there is no reason to be surprised. Strong competition in this market resulted in a significant drop in prices. Today, everyone can afford to digitize a flat, if only thanks to products such as those from SmartDGM.

The SmartDGM power socket and LED bulb delivered to me are actually just the beginning, because the SmartDGM offer includes many more devices that increase the possibilities of a smart home. First things first..

WiFi Smart LED Bulb L-Wt9W-1

This bulb offers bright light in the color temperature range between 2700 and 6500 K. This means that we can obtain various shades of “white” light from yellow to “corpse” white like from a morgue.

The ability to control the color temperature is of great importance in the case of artificial light. It allows you to stay focused when studying in bright white light or indulge in the delight of relaxing in pleasantly dimmed yellow light.

The bulb provides a maximum brightness of 800 lumens, which is more than satisfactory. It does not require any gateway to operate, let alone a control panel, but only access to a WiFi network. Important here – I only work with networks on the 2.4 GHz band. Like most accessories for Smart Home.

The energy-saving LED technology is used here for lighting. Super bright and uses very little energy. According to the manufacturer, each thousand hours of lighting will consume only 9 kWh of energy. The service life of this bulb is expected to be up to 15 years.

PP-W162 smart power plug

This device allows you to digitize fully analog electrical equipment such as a lamp, fan or radio. They are plugged into a wall socket, and after configuration, it allows you to remotely run connected devices or use the commissioning schedule or scenarios and automation (more on that later).

The device is small, although slightly larger than even such a FIBARO Wall Plug. However, it does not matter, because neither one nor the other can be connected to one double socket in the wall.

The socket, like a light bulb, communicates with the “world” via WiFi 2.4GHz and does not require a gate or a central unit. So you can introduce some intelligence into your home in a relatively cheap and easy way. According to the parameters, the maximum current consumption for this device can be 16A at 3680W. So the socket can handle most household appliances, but I would rather be afraid to attach an oil heater to this gadget. It is a pity, because automation could allow the plug to be used as automatic heating in a house on the plot or wherever we need it. In addition to the schedule programming function, the plug allows you to measure electricity consumption.

Management application for iOS and Android

The SmartDGM application is used to manage the smart home. The program is available in Polish and it is really very easy to use. During the tests, however, I remembered that I had seen this application somewhere … And so I remembered recently the review of the DIGOO power strip, which I received from the Chinese store Banggood.com

And although we need the Smart Life application for the DIGOO strip, and the SmartDGM application for SmartDGM, both look identical. Probably everything comes from one factory anyway, and in Poland it is offered simply under a different brand.

Out of curiosity and to confirm this thesis, I tried to add a SmartDGM bulb to the Smart Life application and .. I succeeded ? Thanks to this, I can do automation and use scenarios also with the strip.

The topic interested me so much that I grabbed another Smart Home accessories that I received for review from HAMA. The German manufacturer promoted its smart home very strongly at the IFA in Berlin. And guess what? Even though they also have a dedicated app, their accessories are also detected by Smart Life. Everything indicates that you can combine smart home accessories from different manufacturers, completely omitting HomeKit ?

What do these Smart Home accessories allow?

Due to the fact that the devices work with the Smart Life application, and at the same time it is more functional than SmartDGM, mainly because it allows you to add Shortcuts to Siri, and thus operate devices from the Siri level, which SmartDGM cannot, I will continue to write on the basis of this application.

The biggest advantage of this solution is the price and a lot of possibilities for this type of system. Mainly because the manufacturer has provided for him not only the remote start and shutdown function (also from outside the home, using 3G / 4G), but also the actual intelligence dependent on sensors or actions. This means nothing more than the ability to automate activities. Example? If we buy a reed contact for the door, then after opening it, we will turn on the light, for example in the hall. What’s more. If we have several light sources and SmartDGM bulbs in them, they can turn on automatically in different places.

The application allows you to add a condition under which the automation will run, or multiple conditions where all or at least one of them must be met, but the automation has started. Until recently, this “level” of intelligence was available in professional Smart Home systems. In addition to automation, the manufacturer also offers scenarios in its application. We can create a scenario for ourselves, turn off all the lights in the house. Then, from the application level, just touch one button and all the bulbs will go out at once. Ba! We don’t even have to turn on the app. All we have to do is ask Siri to run this scenario.


SmartDGM is a system whose main importer is the Polish company NTT. Unfortunately, the system does not support Apple’s HomeKit, but allows you to use Siri to control devices and scenes. Condition? You must use the Smart Life application instead of the dedicated SmartDGM. There was no cooperation with Siri in the latter. Officially, the system can be controlled from the Alexa and Google assistants.

SmartDGM Review – Smart light bulb and mains socket with remote control