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Snapchat makes jokes about Instagram intelligently

Snapchat makes jokes about Instagram intelligently

For April Fool’s Day, Snapchat added a sophisticated filter, which showed that it could also copy Facebook products, while exposing their disadvantages.

After months of copying all of Snapchat’s key features via Facebook, it’s time to mock plagiarism and show Instagram’s weaknesses, for example.

On the occasion of April 1, Snapchat added a new filter that made the snap look exactly like the photo posted on Instagram 🙂 But the most revealing disadvantages of Facebook was the caption, three emoji crying with joy.

This is perhaps the best joke Snapchat could have made to Instagram for copying its features. The fact that “my_mom” is one of three people who liked the photo is another proof that young people will not hide from older users, including parents, on this site.

While Facebook has been introducing elements copied from Snap into its products for some time, the Snapchat April Fool’s filter is the first intelligent mockery of this practice.

Will Facebook employees introduce their innovative features? It seems that introducing moments or other features will not cause Snapchat users to start sharing photos and videos with their mom (sic!)

Check how to add filters in the Snapchat mobile app.

In my opinion, this is an excellent game, at the same time showing that Instagram does not want to resemble the popular messenger for young people!

Here’s how you could make a joke about Instagram yesterday:

We ask for more such smart jokes!

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