CD Project RED and GO ON BOARD have announced their joint project, a board game called The Witcher: Old World.

  • A board game based on Witcher called The Witcher: Old Blood
  • The adaptation is recorded by CD Project RED and GO ON BOARD
  • In the game, as young butter, we can complete quests and make difficult decisions

The Witcher universe has conquered every segment of the entertainment industry in recent years: it has made three great games thanks to CD Project RED, as well as a great series run by Netflix, and soon monster hunters are breaking into the board game market. CD Project RED has now announced the arrival of The Witcher: Old World, which will be co-produced with the GO ON BOARD team.

The Witcher: Old World will essentially be a board game for 2-5 people, taking us back to the good old days when the monsters waiting to be hunted in the world were still full of reality. Players will be able to take on the role of a newly trained butterman and then walk the countryside as warriors from the Wolf, Viper, Bear or Griff school, completing quests and making difficult decisions. However, let no one believe that this is a cooperative game: according to the creators, we will be able to hang out with each other to protect the reputation of our school.

The Witcher: Old World will appear on Kickstarter in May 2021, with a final release due in April 2022.

The Witcher: Old World board game is coming!

Created in collaboration with GO ON BOARD, the game will ask players to take on a role of witcher adepts and explore the monster-infested Continent from times long before Geralt of Rivia.

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